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Tbe School of Music is now an assurad success; at least the requirec hundred names have been obtained to back the project flnancially. Sü rapidly have they been coming in of late that the committee is now trying to secure iifty additional subseribers. However, in any case the conservatory will be opened Out. Ist, 1892, with a full corps of teachers and everything ncci ssiuy for the reception of stu3. Just where the headquarters will be has not yet been determined, bnt ampie nrdVision will be made no nial ter what nuniber may come in, The enterprise will doubtless attract numerous students who can thus seotire an unsurpassed literary and professional education, and at the same time take advantage of a fine musical training. Following is the list of citizens who prevented the project from falling through: James L. Babcock, Zachary Itoath, Sedgwick Dean, Henry S. Dean, Koch & Henne, Mann Bros., E. V. HaiiKsterfer, Evart II. Scott, A. Felch, James Clements, Hutzel & Co., Micliicl Staebler, Wadhams, Kennedy & Keule, Martin Haller, Wm. Arnold, W. G. Dicterio, J. T. Jacobs, Martin Seabolt, Adam D. Seyler, Wm. II. Salyer, ,1. t. lloelzle, Seabolt, Ottmar Eberbach, John V. Sheehan, Frank Allinendinger, II. J. Brown, Junius E. Bty, T. J. Keech, W. D. Harriiiian. ;, , "rhyltíV jChristian Mack, A. L. Xübio, David Rinaey, 8. A. Moran, j'oii'ñ Moore, W. C. Stevens, F. II. Belser, Chas. E. Hiscock, íjcháirer & Millen, IL. Gruner, E. F. Mills & Co., S. W. Clarkson, E. B. Hall, O. M. Martin, Goodyear & St. James, Aun Arbor Organ Co., John R. Miner, N. W. Cheever, G. F. Stein, W. II. Mclntyre. Wm. "W. Whedon, Doty & Feiuer, Nelson Sutherland, II. M. Taber, Henry Tatlock, J. J. Goodyear, A. II. Fillmore, Gottlieb 8chneider, Wm. L. Frank, Frederick Schmid, Henry J. Mann, Fred Besimer, Wm. Wagner, W. D. Adama, T. A. Bogle, W. L. Marquartlt, George Wahr, George Clarken, J. F. Lawrence. Eugene E. Beal, Joseph A. Polhemus, Alvin Wilsey, John II. Nichels, E. E. Calkins, S. Rosenthaler, Butts fcllazlewood, Eberbacb. Hardware Co., William Biggs, Schnh & Muehlig, F. S. Schleicher, Louis C. Weinmann, Jacob Laubengayer, II. G. Prettyman. Mrs. M. A. Lukins, Olivia B. Hall, Louis Liesenier. And the following frorn the University: James B. Angelí, Jas. II. Wade, Ilarrison Soule, F. W. Kelsey, P. B. de Pont, W. II. Pettee, H. C. Adams, N. 8. Hoff, C. B. Xancrede, V. C. Vaughan, A. A. Stanley, William J. Herdman, W. II. Dominee, Charles E. Greene, D. A. MacLachlan, A. B. Prescott, C. L. Ford, B. M. Tbompson, II. L. Obetz, J. C. Wood.


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