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Dundee -want a Business Men's Aseoeiation. Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Hoover, of Chelsea, Jan. 9tih, a son. ■ ;Mr. and Mre. Wm. Meyer, of Manchester, a son, Jan. 13tb. D. Eisenmann and Mis Kate Geraglhty -were married at Chelsea, .laa ,Tan. 12th, Emanuel Glimpse, a resident f Bridgewater since 1838, died Jan. 11, aged' 78 yeai-s. Tdrs. Fannie McCollum, of Manchester, died Jan. 9th, of consumption, aged 68 years. Tlhere were 19S pupils of t'ho Chelsea schools rtuo were neither absent nor tordy during December. Mrs. Wm. Wtaley, president; and tihe otflier officers of the Milan W. R C. , were instiallerl last week. J. D. Sholes, aa old resident of Tecumseh, died suddenly at that plaec, Jan. 13th, of hcart disease. Andrew Wilson, who moved to Tecumseh In 1833, died Jan. lOth of the grip. He was 70 years of age. Rutih Chapter, 0. E. S., has been organizcd among t!ne wives and sinters of the Masonic brethren at Dundee. Jas. J. Slayton, who lived two miles north of Dundee, died Jan. 12th, from a disease contraeted whilo serviaf in tJie rebellio.n. 'Pho editar o! t Ir -- Chelsea Standard luis been brim full (of joy) ever since Jan. 9ün, -n-ihen a 9 1-2 pounl heir arrlved at his houso. The Dumlee G. A. It.. W. H. C. and 8. O. V. are discusrslhg the idea f moving into larger and finer qaarti-r.s iin the Hu.rd black. Charles Hastings. o' Teeurasftli, monkeyed with a buzz 6aw and is nar minus the thumb and a eouple of fimgers on his riyht hand Evldontly there are stunn tough epetiniims at Sout.h Lyon. The Excftltinr wants the ICeeley Institute to k'hi:1 lte ambulance over and agree to help loa.d them in. Henry T. Hollister and Mrs. Belle Reynolds, of Duadee, were marricd, l.-ui. 9h. They took a bridal . trip to Brlgttiton. and hav& retuxned to - ttle down to business. Ms. Mary Reese, one of the pioneers of Dexter, died Jaa. lita, of pneumonia, agd 82 yeana. M -b. Susan i rttïier ol 1 i-ü'iit, di.-'i Thi Sfiutlu ru Vn ii ■ i-n.-iw Faraiirs' LT-anee Co. has -St mpinbers 4 earrlen $701,475 In ris. The total iiniount of lo'-s.'s paid last year was SS13.70, 'but ono assessment belng i";j(! tli rate heilig, but .0014 per rent. Dumdee Reporter: On dit: that S. . Pocklington is considering the advisability of supplylng Dundae witu anothcr 'inc b:-ick hotel, by converting hls now brick block into such an tugtitutloa, and to include therewith tlhe story over his restaurant. A Plackney mcrcKint liad uone of your new fangled eu-pidors. but usea a 'box filletl with sawdust instend. Romebody droppt'd a. ligihted cisar t-ul) int '; ■■ ' rtv tiie prompt action of tihc nis1itwatt?hmnn gare4 th store iroin burning down. Ed C:in-.on, tihc. fanoy beef ralsir, iind tihf Boisder Bro's, of Webster, solí an:l thri'ty tarmenq, sold eacüi nearlf 100 graide lamta to E. Jedele, at 5 1-2 eQ per pmmrl. Uve weigttit, tor tbipping. tfbla -vi inlty fu-ni-h s more nind better beef, park and raiitï-on tüKun any 'Otihi:r kwallty in the county. -Dexter Leader. Durtag the ipnst 14 day.s 1))-. RicUanlo:i has Ix-n driven bryond the power of cndurance. Mr. Charles Pulver, 'hi.s assistant, has driveu upwards of 600 miles with ttie Dr., who ha called nion from 20 to 25 families per diay, and presiribing for fi-om fwo to eix in each family. They both are putting in fro-m 12 to 17 hours


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