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Adrian Press Washtenawisms

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ïhe dead o.í Mt. Olivct cemetery, Cthelsea, havo jast receivod the deed {ar thfir propcrty. H. Platt's lo&i oí tüe state oil inspectorship, through imocratic as.caadajicy, is partially compensated lor hy tili mcw U'igsiity recently eonlerred upooi (him- that oí G. D., ergo. "granddad." Half b miillioii dollars was speut ui A n-n Arbor n '91 for improvementa, of wiiiclli the University reeeived $125,000. Tüi,e Arg-us witk brisk ynterpriBe, gives a list of the geveral improvements iindi the cost of eacli. Oongressmaji Gorman in still 111, and utuable 4to return to Washüigton. After a partial re'Overy irom tho grip, wlth wlhich he was attacked at Washington, a eevere bacfcset again prosfcrated liinL. He is now tliought to be agai fairly om the roadi to kealth. "Alplha" rises up in the Register amd declares tlhat Ann does not need sewers. "Alpha's" omega alLould properly bc, deatlh ïrom diphtHieria. He is p'robably ome ot that ort oí citizoas wih.o always appear beiore t'he boiard of review, amxioua to sweiar down. their assessments. Thie supremo oourt lias perpetually mijoined tüite Ypsi-Ann railroad from operatioins over btoe lands of Niehois ■nd Granger wihiclli are uow by an extensión oí the city limits, witüifu tlhe corporatioin. It ia proposod Uiere(ore to move the track to the middle of tihe street aind keep on savving wood 'usual. More 'brides tham groonnsmea eapturod in Waohtenaw during the past year. Thie logie oí tliis showiing is: Bither the Washtenaw fair are "passtag íair," or the men ugly-featured rliinocerri. The Argus (Iemands an export diuty to protect Wa ítenaw bachelors from foreigin competition. fitow ■woiild tihiat iincrease the honie ctamamd íor a lot of crookod-pated old gfocep witlhout market valúe;? Whiat iwe yü'esu-e to kniow is tihere ís ain old bacii. oE 40 living in Aam Arbio'r? We are led to make this piery "by reasoia of tlhe following editorial iitteraiiice in the Aun Arbor Demiocrat, Tvlhosé editor is a youmg tady 'oí more tlhiaa usual ability: "A imán, "wluo íl;i,s arrived at the ag-e ioí 40, aiad lias domo notíhing for töic bemafit oí the world, shonild either díe lor be píuit to detiitïi by legal deeree. Notihiimg t)lu.t raidical measures will jdevelop gome people." Vtiis :would apply to a raan of 40 ■wího Divos a bacihelor. We externd our riglüt Ita oí felloiweiháp to P. W. Carpeatér, wtoo has jutst beein appointed postmaster at Ypsilan'ti. Pete has many warm WendiS Jiero witio will congratúlate him. O f ooiurse we woukl ratiher the old soldier had remaned, but he has iserved) diis time, euaá a ehange was inevitable.. Mr. Carpenter has befen an earnest, loyal fworker íor bhe party, 'is Ihonqst andl bourteous, and unce a ireipublican inuat be installedl, we are gladl ta see him get it. We ball not ciry eitheir if Prajik Bogaríus succeods hiía on tílie mext round. The "(Two SaniS," of Aun Arbor, have éome monkeys in their show winid'ow. Fearing t'hey wo'uld catch cOld ou a recont cold night, an oil tove was placed in their cago, the heatioí wfhich cracked the píate glass, t(he iw'ind fblew in and one oï the monkeys carne down witíh tlie grip. He "was 'taken t a drug store, filled with wliiskey and quinine a;nd, laíü by tlie stove to thaw out. When he tthawed, 1m; got up alnd, likt? a good druaikard, (went on a tear, smashing txttles andi offering to wihip the rowd. The "come-aloags" were placed 'oa tolni and he was caged. Human tiature is about tlhe same, evoluted tor in the raw material.


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