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Regents' Meeting

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At the Regents' meeting, yesterday morning, a general re-cast of standing committees was made, so that they now stand as follows: Executive Committee - The President, Regents Whitman, "Butterfield and Cocker. Finance- Regents Cocker, Hebard and Kiefer. On Literary Department - Regents Whitman, Cocker and Howard. On Law Department - Regents Butterfield, Whitman and Draper. On Medical Department, Homoepathic College and Dental School - Regents Draper, Kiefer and Butterfield. On Literary - Butterfield, Kiefer, Cook and the President. On Museum, School of Mines and Observatory - Regents Hubbard, Kiefer and Cook. On Chemical and Pharmic Departments - Regents Draper, Cook and Howard. On Buildings and Grounds - Regents Whitman, Draper and Howard. l'ive hundred and six dollors was appropriated for a laboratory of physiological psychology. The gymnasium was discussed at some length. Architect Arnold was present with his plans, and bids will be advertised for next week, both with and without the women's wing. li the bids for the entire gym. are at all commensurate with the funds on hand or reasonably certain to be collected, the women's wing will be erected at the same time with the main gymnasium, as the regents wish might be done. But if not it will have to be added at a later date. The resignation of Professor Harrington,of astronomy, was presented and accepted. Professor Kelseywas made curator of archaeology, and Professor D'Ooge was appointed to relieve the president of all detail work, for which services he will receive an increase in salary of three hundred dollars per annum.


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