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Weak, Nervous Men

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A"S& YOU.who have been humbugedby the ' Rlectrie Belts,"" Fellow Safff T ferer," "Crayon." "Vacuüm," "Nervlne,"" Free L' ,k MnUriK&R! F Cure, "quacks, and who have found yourself growUB IIUIIUIIHULL ing and woree, You. who have given up iu : despair, payinp. "Inia itoomed; there Is no hnni 'S?' JE5 ÍSÍ ."SS'ic10 you X 8a'': " Dil SAVB T'BSI.P! THEBK IS HOPKI j Mwf TlIhBli IS A CURE1 No matter wbat yon luive taken or who has failrd f yíy to cure you, wpite me m. ful) htatory of your citóO e jPtifeT ndsendforBookifree) CHPfCOrC nd (Jnestlon Ll.t. f lt, ' ' S2,n,?u,íhS.Old "o4"- AU PrlTate, KerVou and ! rs ijL. tnhOBlt, DlSKASSSof either eex skillfuliy and successfuUy treatod tnd l J. 'Mlk a rorenr"'' ' evury ciirfiMf .-.s. Jiurrlod mn r thusp hi.ui i ËSoH nfc,ïai I ra!lrrf' wh9 dread 'iieir woaknessor mcapaeity, or whose lood isloadwl ■38 K witn IinpuriUe tranatausible to offspring, &hould H pr consult the oelebrated Dr. Clrke at once. TDCITUCUT ■SSI W ultation personally or by letter, free and ntA I IflLli I „ ' dentiaL Medicines eent Overywher, eecure from - . UUDlittaed 1861. exposure. A frieodly Ifjtterniay aid yuu and direct you tohealth. Addres OR. F. 0. CLARKE. Merrill Block, ur.MdUdis.rMAT, Detroit, Mkh.


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