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Will Not Try It Again

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onc oí ou!' prominent business uien had a livíi,v experlenee a 'few days ago. He BaW the train vanishing as !he stepped. imto. the depot at Detroit arad ,as it was tlie last train at night, the p. b. m. made np hls mind to have .that trato or díe. in the attempt, inture dievelopnierots sliowing tJiat he dïdn't come very far from the latter. Generally the p. b. m. wouldn't be conriidiered mucli of a sprinter but if he could have Raiucii a reoord on the pace that lie tore througli the gate and aJter tihat train, it wonld have been a faíit ocie. He c'liascd tlie train nearly a jnile. at loast bo it Beemed to him, before he cought up with it. Whcn he thought that everjrthlng was ritfht, lie made a jump for the step of the latit car. He fou.nd tille step all rij?ht, but w'hen he attempted to grasp th" hand-rail-s, he made a disuial failure of it, as lie had both hands filletl with paekages, etc. He lost hls balance, feil and tih nekt he knew lio.was eitting in the middle oí the track wondering what Qiad Ktruck him and watehing the disappearing train. Iñuk favored him at tfhls point, however. A Klist of wind blew the cap from, tbe head af the laugrhing brakeman who stood on the rear platform enjoying OTir p. 1). m's. oxhibition. Whlle the brakemaa wouldn't thdnk oE stopping the car.-ior the p. b. m., the loss of hix hut was more than hc.could stand and he jiullixl tUif? sigaar tor f.iii t:-ain to Mop. Til.' p. b. m. hal s [ar ;(■;■ vi".t 1 Ii5s sJlio;.'k, in the meautime, to be able to aotieo that töie train had stopped. lic wcrainhled u.p. dhook the gnow off of Mmpellf, and gatbering n) tlie wreekage (í a $10 um'.brella and iiis otJier package , al lási re iched ( h.e train in Bafety. Thinking the matter over .-uu '■ ïh? p. I). in. cotieluded üiat ha would settl; lilinsel! for a .var ratlhar Uia.i go thr&ugh the pame expprlence to catc-h a t-ain agaln.


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