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Sulphur Bitters

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1 THE CREAT j Germán Remedy jTRUTHS FOR THE SICK. For tlioso dcathly $1,000 will be paid J Bilious Spells depend for a case where ' don Sulphur Bitpdcr Bitteks will j ters, it will euro yoti. not assist or cure. It J Tïf never fails. I ] )o you suiiit with ___ . , ■ thattiifdandallgone Clcanse the vitiated , feeling? K so, use tiood when you see ' ] Sulphur Bitters; t9 mpuritics burstI it will cure yon. ng through the skin Opcralives who are in Pimples, Blotches, , JcloselyconfineUinthe in(i Kely on i milis and workshops; Sl!!" Bi?tkiïs, Jclerks wbo do iiot and liealth will fol, m procure snfficient tow Jercise, and all who Sülmiür Bitters . Tare conflned mdoors, will cure Livor Com■ jshoiild nse Sulpuur piaint. Don't be dis5 Bitters Tliey will couraged; it will cure ; ■ not then be weak and you 3 sicklv. ' : 1 If you do not wish i-p??Ju BITTERJ ► JtosnfferfromKlieumWill build jou up and , atism, use a l.ottle of ? ou str0"B and , 1 Sulphur Bitters; nealthy■ ttneverfailatocure. SüLPiiuu Bitters " Don't be without a will mako your blood . bottle. Try it; you pure.richnnd strong, will not reprot it. and your flesh hard. ) Ijnlips in delicate Try Sulphur Bithealth, who are all ters to-nipht, and ' 1 rundown, shouhl use yon will sleep well J SüLVin'li Iïitters. and feel better for it. Do you want tho best Medical Work published? Send three 2-ct. starops to A. P. Oedwaï & Co.i Boston, Mass., and receive a copy free.


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