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Estáte of Peter M. Burlingame. OTATE üK MICHIGAN, OOÜNTY Ooi n;.-.iiV'ii.!M . ik. Al ii sesMiMi ofthe Prolmt;our! !) llivCfuiíiiy ol Wftsbteoaw. hoideDilt tbe IV. ut iMBco in City of A nu Arhur, ou Friday, uf!e . day ut ,) muary, n, thty.uruiu- iTxMisüini-jiylu hun i reu mm ninety-lwo. I1vne;n. J Wjilmd iinbhiit, Judjfe of Probnte. In tUeuiiiiifr ,j uie estáte of Petar M. Burlin guiña, dtiei.s 0. On reatlinif umi film: thepetifton, duly vcrified, of Cathciioe Bf . liu-lii g;mie, jmyiug thut adimnïanaiinn de bumnuu witü the wil anncxed of soii eetüto niay 0e finraoted to Natüan E. Suttou, or S'Jiut.' ot ti ei auittible ptirsoii Toerei! pon it is ordered, that Monday, the JfitH day oi Fibmury, nest, ut tunoluek in the foi,tioini, b tthttgned lor the hearing of said puiiiinu, 'ind thut the (tevigeed, lc;aiea and heiis at law ofamU ueconaed and ;ül Obueï persona ïnterealed in aio Bdtate ftrc reqntred to jipeT at a Bession nf sjid Uouri, ih-u lo ne holdeu at the Probate Olfice, in the City of Arm Arnor, umi show cauFt, it auy thern bo, wby the piayer of tlie peiitioiiet sbould uut ü6 jrrutÉie.:. And 11 13 tui Uut urder.'d, that sfiid petitloner give notioe to the ])cri)ii intere&ted in baid esiwtB of'lhe ptndency n s.ud petitiun, and the hearing Ihert'of, bv causing ; copy ot tin order to be pubUahed íd tiie a,.n akbob akgtjS, a Devspaper printed .tud drcuiatcd iu aaid County, threo succeaslre weefcu prtmoua ; .iid day oi henrina. J. WILLARD UABHITT, [A truccopy Judg-e ofl'robute. Wiuiam G. Doty, Probate Begister Estáte of Ellza Koel (now Rasch). ÖTAÏE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY ■ oi' Wttshtciiiuv. ss At ;t aiasiun of the Probate Oourt fortht Ountyoi Wadhiunaw, holden ut the Probate Ollïce in the city of Ann Arbcr, ud Monday, the eigiith duy ot J, muary, in üie year onc thousanu e-ight hundred md niuety-wo Pretwut, J. Willurd Buhhut, Judfre oí Piybate In the matter ui the estáte ot Ëliza Kuch (now Easchj, ininnr. Curastm-k F Hill, the f'uardiun ot said wurd, ciüe int o courl and n'ni'M-utc, Ihat he i now piepaied to render bisan anal account na such Gtuurdiatt. Tbereupon it is onlred that Tuesday, the 16th day ol F. b tmry tiext, at ten u'cloeic in the foreuoon, be txtíú for ezamininy and ahowinjr suclt account, nd thut the next of kiu ol said ward and all other peröous iuterested in said estáte, ure requiied to i'ppear at a Bestión ot said cotirt. Uien 'o be hulden at the Probate ottice, in the city of Aun Arbor, in said county, and show cu ti se, if any there be, why tlie said aceouDt hould noi be allo ed: Acd it is furthei ortteitil, th;tt said Guurdiuu givc notice lo the permns lutertated in s;iid estáte of the pendency uf said ttecoai t, and the hearing thereot, by caasiug a cupy of thia order to be pnblished in the Ann Akbok Aituus, a newèpiipor pnnted aud otr etilutiug in said cuunty, tbree auccessive weeks prevtims to said dav ot beanng. J. W1LLAKÜ BABBITT, ludge (ït' Probate, [A true copv.] W'h.i.iam G. Uoty. Probate Register, Estáte of Mary A. Ottmar. STATE OJP MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Was tena w, 8". At a session ol' the Probate Court for theCounty of Waabtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the City of Ann Arbor, on Motuhiy, the 18' h day of Jaouary in the year one thou6iind eiybt hundred and ninety-two. Present J. Willard lïabbilt, Judge of Probate Iti the matter of the Estáte of Mary A. Ottmar incompetent. Cornetock Hill. the Guardian of eaid ward, comes In o court and representa that he is now prepared to render his anuual account as such Guardian. Thereupon itisordered, that Tuesdav, the 16tïi day ot' Pebruary uext, at ton o'ulock In the foenoon, be asslgued for examfnlng and allowiny such account, and that the next of kin of said wat d aud all other persons interes ted in t-aid eetate. are required to nppar at a Bession of saM Court, then t be holden at the Probate Office, in the ;ityof Ann Arbor. in said Oounty, and show caupe, if auy there be. wby the eáid account ehouM not beallowed : And it is further ordered tbat said g-uardian give ntice to the Dersous in teres ted in said estáte, of the pendenoy of said account, and the hearing thereoi', by ca'dsintr a copy of ths order to be published in the Ar.N arbor Akcür. n newspaper printed and circulatinK ïn said couoty, tbree succeasive weeks pieviOU3 toeaid day ot hearing. J. 'JLLAÜD IÍA11R1TT. [A true copy-1 Judge of probate. William G. Doty, Probate Kegteter. EIBÍLlETlisí Pupil of Saurst. After tliree years' study n; the "Ptern Conservutory." lit -rlin. Germany, unrter eminent teachers in Solo, Ensemble, and Theoi-y: nlso under professors of the "Berliu Hijrh School" is now prepared to take pupils at lus rooms in the Ann Arbor Organ Company 's Building, Cor. Main and Liberty Sis., ATsriIKr AREOB. %S Terina m:ide known on applieation. _S3


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