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Thanks To Our Citizens

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W HEKBAS, The Anti Arbor Press Club had as its guests for three davs the Michigan Press Association. and, during that time, and previously, in makiug preparations, having recëived the united aid of the citizens of Ann Arbor, the rnembers thereof wiah to express their hearty thanks to thoae citizens uid business uien who by their co-operatiou with tlie newspaper men of the city made the meeting the moot successful winter meeting which the association bus ever held; thereföre be it Kesoi.ved, That to the citizens and business men of Ann Arbor and to the members of the University faculty, who Ho Weartily co-operated with them, the greai'i succes Of the meeting is largeiy duV Resolví!, ïhat to those generous contribu ton Dean ie Co., .). T. Jacobs & ;., Riiisv & Seabolt, Mack & Schniii!, A. . Hamilton, Alltneudinger & Schneiir. E. F. Mills V ('o., T. .1. Keech, A. ïYcli, A. L. NobR A. A.. Agrlculturalto., Lew II. (lemitit (tor A. A. OrganVki.), John V. isneehai), Michigan Firniture Cd.. II. 1'. Glover, Wadhanis, Kennedy & lieule, Hutzel & Co., L. iGruiier. Chas. E. Hiscock. Eugene Iú Beal, Sofaairei & Milieu, Geo. Wahr, .'inn: 15. Angelí. J i mes H. Wade, Et. Q. Davis, John D wey, I. N. Deniinou, 11. L. D"Oose. t'. N. Scotc, B. M. Thoiripson, Flemming Carrow, V. F. Bieakny, W. H. Dominee. H.S. Carhart.W.Bf. Ilowell. A. C McLíiughlin, K. Hudson, Calvin i'iiomas, F. VT. Kelsey, Henry ('. A ■liinis, C. L. Ford. A. A. Stanley, M. Al. Niwlin, A. .1. Sawyer, H. J. Brown, Klitihach & Son, Kach, Abil & Co.. M trtin Haller, Manti lïros., gehuil A: viuehlig, The ïwo 8 ims. Groodspeed & Sons, Wagnèr & Co., C. Eberbach, (ieo. L. Mooie, J. Haller, l O'IIeaiii, Geo. Clarken and Win. G. Doty, the Ann Arbor Press Club extend, especially. their hearty thanks. Ëesolvkd, That the thanks of the Ann Arbor Press Club be extended also to the Chequamegon orchestra for the rnusic donated at University Hall, to the University Glee Club, to the Ann Arbor Light Infantry for the use of their hall, to Cousins & Hall for fiowers, to the livery and hack men and to thecitizens whoso generously provided entertainment for many of the visiting editors.


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