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A Great Combination

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"Last niglit Nye and Uurbank gave one of tlieir inmitable entertainments at the Haven opera house. Tliey ave two of a kind tliat are hard to beat. The program consisted of humorous prose and poetic seleetions tliat were recited in a marmer tliat greatly natused and pleased the audience. It was kept vvith a broad griu on its face to prevent a total collapse. Sober men sat'at tunes with tears running down their elieeks oralmostfallingover with hilarily. IL was a superts entertainment. ' The house was crowded as it will bc again should this combination ever come tliis way." - Ex. Last niglit those two celebrated hafiorists, Messrs. Wm. Nyeand A.P. Burbauk, were at the Grand. Mr. Nye resembles the pie tures of himself with which he illufitrates Jiis funny letters, and the scramblinggait which hetakes wJien he comes on the stage always causes laughter. There is only one Bill Nye, and he can certainly entertain an audience. líe was very well received last night, 'and seemed pleased with the plaudits with which each of his talks were received. His manner of talking is just üke his writings, sort of soothing. yet the bright points wliich mark his talks are brought out in his own inimitable way, convulsing the audience with laughter and tickling the fancy of their gray matter. Mr. Burbank is well known throughout the country f or his recitations especially, and last night he was greatly appreciated. Tlis voice is very agreeable and tlexible, his pathos and huïior are well expressed by the inflec;ion of his voice, while his face is wonlerfully expressive.


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