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One of the larsest clotlnng bouses In New York city lias fallecí for S500,000. The entire stock ha been brought to Detroit, Mich., by order of court, and wlll be closed out at retail in eight days, by a well-kuown Detroit firm. On account of this great fallure the immense building at No, 157 JefferBon avenue, between Woodwa.rd and Griswold, slxth door west f rom Woodward, fiflh door east from Oriswold, Detroit, has been hired by tbo assisnee expressly for this great bankrupt ussijínee's sale. The stock consist of noarly S500, 000 worth of fine clothing, etc. The ontire building will remain closed uut il Wednesday, Jan. 20. at 9 a. ni., when this great sale will begin In the immense building. 157 .leil'erson. between Woodwaid and Uriswold. Below wc quote a few prices, in order to show wiial extraordlnaty bargains will be olfei'Od -McTi's hottvy winter overcoals. íl..0. positlrely worth $3.60; yon may tteop tlils coat homo live days, and if it is not wortli S9.50 return the saine, and we hereby attriiü to returu the S1.98. Men's hoavy ulsters Í 3 75. posltively wort'i S!5. or your monóy iefundod. Mon's Whitney chfcchilia orercoats, $5. 23. posltively worth ?20 or your nioney will bo returned. Men's "Koyal" slaudard Kerseys, silk and satln lincd, 37. 00, posltively woi'ih ;2 ; you !:iay keep this coat home five days. and if uot worth Í2S return the same and your mouey will be rcfunled. Mens rlbbed diagonal suits, $2.80, worth S12.50. Men's Knslish worsted cutaway Balts, $7. 99, valued at ï26. V'ou have sama privilege on these suits as on above mentioned garments. Men's Melton cassimere panis. wortli $?1. for 08c. Men's all-wool cheviot pants (25 4 íi. worth Í5. Boys' capo overeoats, SI, wortli f.4. Boys' pants (5,()ü(l) it 10c a pair. Boys' suite, SI. 23, worth ?4.50; good wooleu socks, Cc per pair, worth 40c;Uno embroidered suspenders, 9c, worth BOc; ihie heavy red ilannel undcrwear, 37c per suit. worth 52.50; men'shats, iJflc. worth Si).75(all sbapos); boys' bats, 15c. worth Y1.50, and 30,01.0 different articles we caimot niontiou here. it will pay you. to come a hundred miles to visit this sreat sale. If you value money don't ruiss it. Evorythiug sold as advertised. e ad vise you to cut this out and bring it with you, so jroti net exactly the goocls uaetitioned here. This sale will posüirely commence on Wednesday. Jan. ÍÍ0, at U a. in., in the immense building. 157 Jeffetson avenue, botweon WoodwaiJ and Grlswolci. sixtU door west froni Woodward, fifth door east from Griswold. nétroit.Mlch. N. B. - Itailroad fare paid to all purehasers of $25 and over. -


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