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The Song Of The "no. 9."

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My dress is of flne polished ook, As rich as the finest fur cloak, And for handsome design You just should see mine- No. 9, No. 9. I'm beloved by the poor and the rich, Por both I irnpartially stltch ; In the cabin I shine, In tbe mansion I'm fine- No. 9, No. 9. I never get surly nor tired, With zeal I always am fired ; To hard work I incline, For rest I ne'er pine- No. 9, No. 9. I am easily purehased by all, With instalments that monthly do fall ; And when I am thine, ïhen life is benign- No. 9, No. 9. To the Paris Exposition I went, Vpon getting the Grand Prize intent; I lef t all behind, The Grand Prize was mine- No. 9, No. 9. At the Universal Exposition of 1889 at Paris France, the best sewing machines of the world, meluding those of America, were in oompetitlou. They were passed upon by a jury composed of the best f oreign mechanical experts, two of whom were the leading sewing machine manufacturera of í ranee. This jury, af ter exhaustivo examina - tion and tests, adjudged that the Wheeler & Wilson machines were the best of all, and awarded that coropany the highest prize offered- the GRAND PRIZE- giving other companies only gold, silver and bronze medals. The French government, as a further recogni?n of superiority, decorsted Mr. Nathaniel heeler, president of the company, with the Cross of the Legión of Ilonor- the most prized honor of France. The No. 9, for iamily use, and the No, 12 for manufacturing uses, are the best in the world to-day. And now, when j-ou want a sewing machine, if you do not get the best it wil! be your own fault. Ask your sewing machine dealer for the No. 9 Wheeler & Wilson machine. If he doesn't keep tnem, write to us for descriptivo catalogue anri terins. Agents wanted in all unocniipied terriiory. WHEELER & WILSON MFG. CO. Chicago, Hl. FOR SALE BY Michael Staebler, Ann Arbor, Mich.


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