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It is aeldom that so pleasant a family reunión, or one on so auspicióos an occasion, is held as one which occurred on Tuesday, in hotaor of the 9Otn birthday of Conrad Bissinger, at liis home on W. Liberty street. The occasion was one that the participants were pleased to take part in. ïlie entire faniily was present with the exception of three sons, who.are in Kansas and California Among those present were his daughters, Mis. Bosina Feldkamp, of Saline; Mis. Mary Clements; ot Lima; Mis. Eli.abeth Feldkamp, of Ann Arbor township; Mrs. A. D. Seyler, and the Misses Dorotha and Helena Bissinger, of this city. One son. Jacob Bissinger,of this city, was present. The gathering numbered about thirty, the remainder being the husbands of his daughters, nephews, neices, grandchildren and great-grandchildreu. Mr. Bissioger is one of the old pioneers of this county. He was bom at Mannheiin, Germany, in 1802, and carne to New York in 1S25. Three years later he purchased a farin in Scio oí the government, and lived there until about 1880, when he moved to this city, and has since made it his home, his wife dieing a few weeks after he moved to Aun Arbor Mr. Bissinger is remarkably bright and healthy for a man of his age.