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The gymnasium in McMillan hall will be f...

The gymnasium in McMillan hall will be f... image
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The gymnasium in McMillan hall will be furnished and ready to open Feb. i. One dollar will be charged :or its use for the reraainder of the college year, and it is hoped to raise $200 in that way to pay for the furnishings. lt is desired that the adies buy fifty of the tickets, as they will then be entitled to the use of the gymnasium one-fourth of the time. Tlie show windows of Mr. Randall's rt Store, 011 llunm Btreet. are always ittractive, but have been made espeeially .so durlng the past week by the lisplay of Beveral aew plctures, the a test resulta of his artistic genius- atestresuJ- "Go' Boss," "At the Matinee,"' ■■The i;iri"" and the "Kunnvays." cacli ot them being truly works of art. and a valuable addition to liis beautiful collection of genre phoiographs. Our people may eonjyratuate t hcmselvcs that thls work emanates irom Ann Aiiior. The late omplimcntary notices of the press licspcak tlie Iiighest praise, and a si int ,-il appreciation was shown at the late convention of the Photographors' Associatioh ol America, by awardng tlit: first prizi1- a marble bust ol 'Winter," vnlned at .IlT).- to Mr. Etandall's exMbit. Thia is displayed n liis windOW. The NViv York Art Sritic in an article on the cxhibits at rliis convention says: "Tliis artisi s voung in the field, hut is certainly inaking liis mark." Referring to a pieture entitled "Crumbs of Comfort,'' ;ie says, "for pure artistic effecta in very detail, t liis picture was. L say with due respect to all. the n-t photograpb in the e?Ubltlon." Pertainnii tri cithrrs lic says: "thcy are hard tu iijual. and [mpossible td surpass." Wilsou'e Photographic Magazine, oí X. '. ('ity,- (the leading magazine in the p()iCsson)--i-onu's out in three Uffereni issues with lengthy articles of the most complimentary nature. Four of Mr, Randall's photographs, selectfed by a committee, have recently boen Iniiifi. permanently, ín the art falleries at Dresden, as tsamplea oí Ine American photography. And go i ftppears that Ann Arbor not only eada In educational and musical Incrests of the country, but is being ecognlzed in the artlstlc world. Wecongratúlate Mr. Randall and thejprosperity wMch la meeting with in his business is an indication that the people appreciatê his ability and wish liim continuoug and unboundcd succes-;.


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