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The Annual Clearing Sale!

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x. ■■-■. 1 ol: ■ .. .Vt .-Os -X' t-T" lili lili líiÉ lili lili lili . lili II III lili ft n U n I AT THE f I TWO SAMS. Ü Commencing January 27, 1892. Ü 0 ' u ::6,000 WORTH OF U ULIJ 8 BIBIIy i y TH'E ENTIRE STOCK OF B 8 fi JJ Fine Clothing, Furnishing 1 Goods, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Neckwear, 75 Gents on the j I Dollar. { I Q ALL OUR FIJSIE OVERCOATS, g ■ sters, Box Coats, Top Coats, at ñ H Seventy-five Cents on the Dollar. 1 E O ALL OUR FINE SUITS, Men's Suits, jj 0 Boys' Suits, Children's Suits, at j enty-five cents on the Dollar. I ü Q ALL CHILDREN'S PANTS. g ö ALL CHILDREN'S WAISTS. I EVERY PAIR of MEN'S i ' PANTS 8 In Our House at $3.85. This 5 Q eludes all $6.50 Pants. All go. D fj) ery pair must go! y i I ALL UNDERWEAR, All Shirts, all Night Shirts, all Silk Neckwear, all Over Shirts, all Dress 8 Shirts at Seventy-five cents on the U ü the Dollar. ALL HATS and CAPS, i a Men"s, Boys' and Children's Hats, fi Derby Hats, Soft Hats, 1 .T-mTLm C3rO I At Seventy-five cents on the Dollar. H EVERYTHING GOES. 1 $36,000 I WORTH. $36,000. i k ♦ i R AT I The Two Sams JL,. BL1TZ. N. B. Under Contract E. & W. I Collars, Kjxox Hats, Youmans Hats E id not included. ö AT THE TWO SAMS. 6 ö ff Mm 1111 1111 III i Hl lili lili lili II I lili lili lili í llallí III . III 111 III


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