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IOFKIOtAL.1 Concón. Cu i Ann Arbor, Jan. , IÍ0-. I Adjourned meeting. Called to order by Deputy-Clcrls Bach. ftoll Cali. Present- Aid. Munn, Wines, Allmendlngcr, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Tay]or. Hall.- 7. Aid Hall moved tliat Aid. O'Hearn be en osen as Chalrman pro tem, lor the evenlng. Carried. Aid. O'Hearn declined the lionots in l moved tliat Aid. Taylor be chosen as Chairman pro tem. Carried. COMMUNH'ATIONS. Ann Arbor, Micta., Jau. SB, 1(92. To the Comruon Council: It soems to be lmposslble to got the taxes in during the month of January and I am eompelled to ask you for an extensión of time for the collection ol taxea until the last day of February, as eeems to have been customary in the past. Yours truly, tí. W. BEAKES, City Treasurer. Received and placed on tile. Aid. Wines moved that the rêquest of S. W. Beakes, City Treasurer, be granted and that the time of collectinu of taxes be extended up to and including Feb. 29th, 1892. 5 ras.- Aid. Mann, Wlnes, Allmendin-er, Ü'Hcarn, Ferguson, Taylor, Hall.- 7. ,To the Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor: Gentlemen:- In compllance witb the resolutions and reporta reíerred to thls Board in regard to a main sewer we herewith subinit the followiug: These estimates to include thirtyeight or forty man-holes and the use of nou pipes at all railroad crossings and under the Pontiac street ombankment. The sewer pipes to be strictly first-elass glazed pipes with hemp anü cement joints laid true to line and grade thoroughly embedded and filleci below and at sldes and the trenches wcll rammed and settled. The manIioles to have walls cight inches thick of hard burned briek, laid in cement and to be of suitable size for access. Provides junction pipes for íuture lateral sexers and have the usual cast irou covers and accessories. Froni R. 11. Bridge to corner of Main and Summit Sts. 6500 ft. of 24 inch sewerpipe luid ïll,2o.00 From corner of Main and Suintnit Sis to Miller Ave. 2B00 ft. of 20 inch sewer pipe laid - 4,442.00 From Miller Ave. to Williams street throutrh private property) 8100 i"t. of 18 inch sewer pipe laid - ,áe.w) From Williams st. toHill st. and the creck S50U ft. Of 15 inch sewer pipe $20,755.00 Engineering and Contingencies 10 per. conti 2,075.00 23,880.00 T'nli'ss the right of way across private property can be seeured at normal eost, we wQuld recommend that the sewer be laid in 1he street and il the outlet be carrled below tlie r. I!. bridge, add $850 for iron pipe and inerease ol length. Respeetfully sübmltted, BOARD OF PUBLIC WOKKS, Jas. R. Bach Depty. Clerk. Aid. Wines moved that the report be referred badk to the Board of Public Works, ii be aeted upon at next meeting. Carried. ORDINANCES. First reading by title of au ordinance entitled an ordinance relativo to Street Railways. Aid Wines moved that when we adjonrn we adjourn to meet Thuraday evening, Jan'y 28th, at 7:30 p. m. Carried. CouncH then adjourned.


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