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2TOK. löii. AN INDEPENDENT, COMPLETE AND AliLE NEVSPAPEE. THE REPÏtESENTATIVE JOURNAL OF NEW ENGLAND. Establiehed in 1:.'4 by Sr.mue[ Bowles. Fublishcd DAILY, SUNDAV and WSESLY. Thb Springfxel) Kepublican is emphatically a neiwpaper for the people. It publishes all the news that is 'news iu the broadest and highest sense, unallected by partisan or personal prejudieo. It is eiiterprisinj?, alert and intelligent in the performance of its duties to the public. It has its own deeided opinions on public questions, and these opinions are expressed with vigor and ability, but they are notallowedto color its news columus. The llEPUVLiCAN is a thoroughly fair Journal. Members of all parties who desire to keep inf'orined of the important poiitical events and discussions of the presidential eainpaign of 18U2, should subscribe for The Hepdbucan. THE DAILY REPTTBLICAN Was startcd in 1814, and is tho oldest daily paper iu the state outside of Boston. It has alwayskeptabreastot' the times, and has been quick to avail itself of the best modern appliances for the enlargement and improvemen of its news service. It is nov regularly an eight-page sheet with seven wido columns to the page, and supplemental pages are frequently added as tbe demands of news or advertising require. It covers the news of the world with discriininating care and thoroughness. New England happenings and interests receive special attention and liberal space, and a large force of special reporters and correspondents aro constantly employed in gathering the local news of Western Massachusetts and the nelghbnring couuties of Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire for its readers, lts edstorial paleis broad in range, independent, elevating, and interestimr in quality. lts literary departmentis of a remarkably high order, lts poiitical correspondenee is furnished by independent, well-informed and capable writers. It publishes, moreover, a great variety of intoresting and valuable general correspondenco and selections. THE SUNDAT REPUBLICAN Was flrst published in 1878 in response to a real public demaud in Western Massachusetts for a flrst-class, higü-toned Sunday nowspaper. Sinee that time it has been constantiy improved and it has been twice enlarged. Fully four-fifths of its 56 columns of space is devotcd to reading matter of a high order, embracing news, special correspondenee, a full page ot editorial matter, a department of books, authors aud art, a first-rate weekly story and a weekly sermón, sporting aud theatrical news and notes, special articles, original and selocted poetry, etc. The Sunday Kkvcbmcan is b thoroughly wholesome, excellent and interesting jonrnal, well adapted to the tastcs and j wants of the intelligent New Euglanct public. THE WEEKLY REPUBLIOAN Is now more than 67 years oíd, but age only improves its quality. It continúes to be what it lías lonií been, a remarkably faithful and compreuensive record of American life. lts weekly review of the news is very carefully compiled, and its lü broad pages contain in addition to the news, a wonderíully rich collection of valuable and entertaininar readieg matter. All the best features of Thk IJaily and Sündav Kbpublican are reproduced in Thl Wekkly in full or but slightly abridged, and arranfred with admirable skill and iatelligence for the convenience and pleasure of the reader. The result is a weekly news and family journal which far eieet-ds in interest and worth any similar publication in the Unitec States. H is a paper that New Englanders al home and abroad will flnd of special value, and which Americana everywhere can appreciate aud enjoySUBSCRIPTION KATES. DAILY: 7ucentsa month, !.'3 a quarter, $8 a year. SUNDAY : 50 cents a quarter, Ï3 a year. W EEKLY : 50 cents for six months, $1 a year. All subscriptions are payable strictiy In adrance. Specimen copies free. FREE FOR ONE MONTH. The Weekly Republican, a 12-pag8 paper, will be sent free for one month to any one who wishes to try it. New subscribers to The Weekly for 1892 can have the paper free for the balance of 1891 . Addresa THE REPUBLICAN, Spring-fteld. Uasa.


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