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Edition HOkip3 ff ï Is a handsome sixteen-page weekly newspaper, filled with the most entertaining readingthat brilliant minds, well trained in every department of Hterature, can produce, lt has the advantage of the f ast-mail service and isdelivered at the majority of postoffices on day of publication. The Chicago Herald is the foremost journalistic charapion of Western intcrests, and, believing that these are assailed by the protective tariff, it is an uncompromising opponent of a svstem that takes from the many to enrich the few. Tuf. Hkralt is broadly and progressively democratie in politics, but it is bound to no partv, save as that party stands for principie and justice. Believing that the safety of the républic now demands a return to constitutional methods, to economy in administration, to the Obliteratjpü "f war passions and to the summary defeat of the powerful interests that have albed themselves with the leaders of the rcpublican party for the purpose oí promoting selñsh. mterests, at the expense of the whole people, Tur: Herald favor return of the democracy to power and will labor intelligently to that end. A special feature of The Satirday EditioN of The Hbrald, and one to which much Space is devoted, is the weekly record of the progress of the World 's Kair; with fine illustrations. This alone makes it indispensable to those who intend tu visit the fair, and to those who do not a comprehensive description will be the next best thiiig. In addition to this Tuf. Saturday EpiTlON oí Tuk IIf.rai.d con'tains a lynopsis oí the news of the week, full Markel Reports, a Household Department, Completed Stories by popular authors, Book Reviews, "Cosáp of the Stage," Bsme Ball, Turf and Athletic Sports, and last, but y no nieans least, the news of the wo4J attractively presented and truthfully told. No better investnient than a yeaV subscripción can be made. Oneyear $i-jo Sunday, one year .fi.m Stx months ?j Daily and Sunday togethtr '" Set Daily, includmg Saturday, i year . 6.00 Sample copies fre'e." AddressTHE CHICAGO HERALD, UMES W. SCOTT. PuhMslier. CHICAGO II-V


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