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Proceedings Of The Board Of Public Works

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[OFFICIAL. 1 „...„Kümmi of Public Wokks. j nCt0 ann ABBüK. MicB., Jan. . 1 -.■;. Regular meeting. Called to order by Pres. Keecli. Boll called- Full board present. Mr Keech moved that the follovving j Iport be recommended to the Common ,nncü: the Honorable, the Common Council: Thp Board of Public Works having i the subject matter of a systetn of Ssrase for the cil y under consideran respectfully recommend as a ,ñVsuitabIe system for the city all Inditions being considered, what is - noVn s the separate system. And "t the plan of Prof. Chas. E. Greene Srefor as iudicated on nis sewerage ;„ and expiained and implitied in report theieof accompanying his Lid map to the common council, be lilonted in all things save and except f,to route and dimensions of main ILer 1'hat sucu sewerage map and IL said report be and the same is llreby adopted by this board except as lo tlie main sevver, and made a part of ■rhis report; reference beinghad thereEn the said plan and the particulars Ihèreof will more f ully and at larga apfín response to the remainder of your ■inqniry relating to the main sevver, reIport is hereby made as follows: THK 3IAIN SEWBK IiOOTE. i That a departure from said map ■tnd report be made as to main sevver, Imd that a main sewer be constructed Cs follows: I The outlet thereof to be located in ■the rapid water of Huron river at a Ijioint about fifty feet belovy the first Ivailroad bridge, and running from Ithence along the most convenient I rrade to the corner of Fifth ave. and Bailroad street, thence along Fifth lave, to Sumrnit street, thence along ÏSumrait street to Main street, thence lacross private property to Felch and lAshley streets, thence along Ashley Ugtreet and Stiller ave. to First street, thence on First street hut to leavu tlie same near Miller ave. nul thence on private property to Washington street, thence approxim:itely to foilow the route laid down on sewer map to Allen 's creek on llill street. If tlie right of way over private prcperty shall cost more than a nominal sum, would recommend that the common Couneil reserve the right to change the route and construct the main sewer in the streets. STZKS AND KINDS OF PIPE FOK MAIK SEWER. Thatsuch main sewer be constructed of first-class sewer tile oL dimensions as follows: lst - From outlet in Iluron river to oorner of Summit and Main streets, twenty-four-inch sewer tile and of iron pipiiig of saine dimensions where neeI essary. 2d- Froin Summit and Main streets I to Miller ave., of twenty-inch sewer I pipe. 3d- Froua Miller ave. to Williams [! street, o.' eighteen-inch sewer pipe. 4th- From Williams street to Ilill I ■it.rcct and creek, of fifteen-inch sewer ■ pipe. MANNER OF CONSTRUCTION. ' The sewer pipe should be in all I things strictly íirst-class glazed pipe, [ laid with hemp and well cemented at I all joints, true to line and grade, thoroughly bedded and filled below [ aud at sides of trench, rammed and settled, and to have at least thirtyeight man holes located atconvenient points, such man holes to be constructed of hard burned brick walls at least eight inches thickjlaid in cement and of suitable size for easy access throughout its entiie length, should have junction pipes forlaterals with proper covers and all needful accessories. Iron pipe should be laid at all railïoad crossings and at crossings of Pontiac street. estímate of cost of main sewer. ist. From outlet in river below railroad lo Smnniit and Main sts.f 6,660 f eet. ol' 34 inch sewer pipe laid 811,025.00 8nd, From Main and Summit street to Miller ave., Ü.OOü ft. Of 20 inch sewerpipe laid 4,442.00 !rd. From Miller avenue to Williams street, 2,100 Et. of 18 inch sewer pipe laid K.3G2.00 tth. From Williams s-t. to Hill st. and Creek, 3,50u ft, of 15 inch sewer pipelaid 2,692.00 Total iiisi of sewer pipe laid 21,121.00 Enjfineeriii!i and eouüngeucies, 10 per cent 2,112.00 Total cost fc3.KK.00 Tiiis estímate ineludes all necessaiy ron pipe, maullóles and olher needful accessories, but does not include the ■ cost of right of way over private property or for cost of legal proceedings to obtain the sume. We, in conclusión, therefore recommend that the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars be raised by táx for the construction of a main sewer. All of wiiicii is respectfully submitted. By order of Board of Public Works. Wk. J. Millbk, Clerk. Which report was adopted by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Messrs. Schuil, Keech and Mclntyre. Nays- None. The monthly report af Street Comtnissioner Sutherland was accepted and accounts audited. On motion the Board adjourned, Clerk.


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