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Estáte of Charles Stollsteimer. STATE UF MICHIGAN. Ü.QUNTY of Ala Besston of ihe l'rohato Court for the County of Wasutenaw, holdtn at the Probate Oílico in the city of Aun Arlior. on wednesday, tbe 2Otb day oí January In the year one thousaad eigbt hundred and ntnety-two Present, J. Willurd liabbitt. Judge of : bate. In tho matter of the estáte oC Charles stollBteimer. deooosed. On readiiiB and ttling the petition, duly veiifled of Catheriue Heek. praytog that a oertain ' iDStrunieüt now on lie in tilia Court. purporting to be the last will and testament of satd decea8od ruay be admltted to probate and that adininiftruucii if Bald estáte may be granted toJoseph Q.Sbaw. ihe exeeutor in said wlü named or to some other suimhle person. Thereupon ii is Ordnred, that Monday.thc ]5thday of Febrtmiy next at ten o'elock i the forenoon, be assijíued for the hearinjrof said petition. and that the deviec.. liu-atees. and heirs at law of ald deceaséd, ana all other persona löterested in said estáte, are requlred to appear at a session of said Court. theu to be holden at tlm Probate OUice in the City oí Ano Arbor, and show canse, i t' any there be, why the prayer ,if the potitioner should not Jbegranted: And it is furthcr ordcred, that said petitioaer ííívc notice to the persona interested In eaid estáte, of the pondenoy l Raid petition and the hearing theroof, by oansing a copy of this order lo be publlshed 111 i be Ann Arbor Argus, a oewspaper printed and oiroulated i saiil county, tnree Buooesslve weekfi previous to said dayof liearintr J. WIU.A1C0 IIABIHTr, [A tnieoopy] 01 l'robate, Wm. G. Doty, ProbirteRealster. Estáte of Ernst G. Haarer. CTATEÜF MICHIGAN, U(ÜNTY 'Jof Watthtenaw, ss AMisession uf tin. Probate r'ourt for the (Joiioiy of Washtuotiw, htl leti at the Probate Office in the city ot AiiQ Arhor, on Moaday, tile 11 lh daj of JamiHry, in ihe yeur oue thouaand oight hundred and Dinety.two. Present, J. Willnrd B&bbltt, Judue of Probate In the matte r of tho estute ol Ernst G. Haarer, deceased , On readin and filine: the potition, duly ví-rifled, of John Jaroh Kn:ipp, piayinj; that a -:rta:n -instrument now on filo in thls court, ptrporiing to be the last will and teRtuiuonl ot' luid I(-Cfaaed may be adnatted toprohale and ihat .i'Juiiuihtration of said estáte may be pranted to himself, the executor ín said will naraed, or tu tome other suituble person. Thereupon it la oidcied, tlint Tuesdny, tlic 9th day of Fuhrrai'y nexi.üt leí o'c'ock ín íhe forenoon, be ussigned for tho hoariuff of said petition and that Dio ilcvisees, lcgutees. and heirs at luw of suid decea&ed and all oihor perwons iii-terested in &;iífl estáte are rtquírod to ■■.y.]). :ir at a st'Hsion o'. Raid court, then to he Wolden at the. Probate Oflife m the city uf Aun Albor, and show r;u.s" it any tlierí; be, why ilie prayer 1' ilie peiitioner should not be granle3: And it is further or deredthat said petitionerfflve noitce tothe persona interesied in said esiate of the pendncy ol. atiid potition and the hearing Üiereof hy catislogaeopy of this order to he published in tñw Ann Akbok ArGits. i nevHpaper printeJ aud circulaled ín said conuty, thieesuccessive week? previous to said duv of hearing. .I.WILT.ARD BABBITT, [A copy."] Jude of Probate, Wm. G.Doty, Probate Register. kstate of Thomas Cullinane. STATI3 OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF Washtenaw, ss. At a session of the Probate Court, for the County ot' Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Oiüee in the City of Ann Arbor, on Tuesduy, the 5th day of January, in the year one thousand eight hundred aud ninety-two. Present, J.Willard Dabbftt, Judsre of Probate. In the matter of the estato of Thomas Cullinane, deeeased. lm rending and filing the potition. duly verifled, of Gaorge C. Page. administrator with the will annexed, praying that he may be liceused to sell the Heal Estáte whereof said deceased died siezed, to pay lejracies. Thereupon it is ordured that on Tuesdav, the second day of February nexr, at 10 o eloek in the forenoon, be assigned tor the hearing of said petition, and that the devlsces, legatees and heirs at law of said deeeased, and all other persons interested in said estato, are required to aprear at a sesyion of said Court, then to bo holden at tho Probate Otïice, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show uause, if any there be, why the prayer of the petitioner should not be granted And it is further ordered that said administrador give notico to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency ol' said account, and the hearing thereol', by causing a copy of this order to be published in the Aun Ai bor Arfftis, a newspaper printed and clroulating in said county, three 8uecos?ive weeks provious to said day of hearing'. J. WILLAKD BABniTT, .Uidge of Probate. LA true copy.l Wm. G. Dutv. Probate Register. TONY SCHI5PPACASSh, NO. 6. N. MAIN STEET. FRUITS, NUTS and 00NFECTI0NEKY TOÜACCOSAND CIGAKS, Oy8tórs and all kinds of fruit ALWAYS OOST H.ITID


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