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W. L. Douglas $3 Shoe

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It is made of the best leather produced in this country. It is a calf Shoe, made seamless, best dongola tops. It is as smooth inside as a hand-sewed Shoe. It is equal ■ to other makes costingfrom $4 to $5. It is .stylish, durable and comfortable to the feet. The Best Shoe in the World for the Price FOR GENTLEMEN. FOR LADIES. SC 00 GENUINE HAND Aft í)íl PAND:SE , S0E' 3B SEWED. Itequaishn'Vv E uu ' made of üie best ported French shoes m (UBftJp Dongola; stylish, durable frorn $8 to $12, and '4 ws and easy fitting. Equals cannot be duplicated at this sï imported French shoes costina íroin price. $4.00 to $.00. &A 00HAND-SEWEI Aft RH BEST D0S00LA, pera4 WELT. The flnest calí, V# fcct ln ever7 WA stylish, comfortable and MSLa Succpss Ilas attended our durable, and the best dress shoe 'ÈÊk pum cíTorts to produce a flrstin the country for the price; m Wmb class shoe at this popular pricc. sanie grade as custom made i ' f JaEnfci' f. - . Tx.r .- nr,„r . . shoes costing f rom $6 to $9. ff " "1 - AJ QQi L0WI PRICE, bot í% eíl ïrT Tri? siTïr"P fn-p iC - &A# ■ shoe at this prico bas given Vp5n i'arniers, railroad men, W% Detter satisracuon. &c. Best calf, seamless, ■5ÍÉfc,# ifo á 7 K FOR SIISSES, combines smooth inside, three heavy soles ÉlS Vlfö # ÏP 1 O tvii, fi th.' hvirionic with extensión edge. One pair 1 JK ..str?with theo„Jagr tn will do for a year. ;J fc f 0 I i f&amílnS fcO 50 FINE CALF. No M, yonng ladies. b L m betteror more service, ' , %M FOR BOYS. r - able Shoe was ever of' ■""' ' ■ fered at this price. One trial ffêffc Ril Snfl 1 7R SCHOOI j%S$L' ' ' fc-'s'íf, mXL B 10 ÏTlililC Oi tll6 DGSt lllilt.C"' dHk 25 and $2.00 tJÊÊk JÊÊkfr t"' rial throug:hont; will not aZ.lXCMÁX'S Shoes. 1 JMÊÊm rip, and will stand more hard usage Equal those of other _??mk Wk '" ÊÈmÊËfëfar than any other shoes sold at these mak.'S costing frorn $2.5O to rM SByL prices. $3.OÓ, and are the best in the j HÉÉhi. v # % special. s-c ■■■■IB ÉilP # Er-HHrïi W. L. DOUCLAS' SI. 75 BROW W calf , wltU knipiroo calf topt, and speCAN. The best Brogan for the price ever Ípí' "MíMmÍK cially suitable for outdoor wcar and placctl on the market. Solld leather through. HZ„ j.' Í- íkín VlIDCTlTIITCC school slioes. Keep the feet dry, without, Tfry strongly made, and will not rlp. ' Sk I AiËi Ï%%J dUDd I i I U I tOi ■ out the use of rubbers. Ca a araa n k ftl These Shoes are made and gaaranteed by the manufacturer to be price-worthy goods, and all have JIl A H %a i ■ e Price an(i name of VV. L. DOUGLAS stamped on bottom. Re sure you are not deceived by STV. or B I &r inferior articles, and carefully examine bottom oí each slioo for stamp before parebasing. W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass. FüR sale by Win. Reinhardt & Co., aabbor,


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