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Proceedings Of The Board Of Public Works

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[OÍ i-Ki ;,.] . ÖVficji of tbb Board op Pwuc.Voi A.NN AHUOK, MXCH., Jan. 26, Í.-.K. )' Adjourned meeting, Called to order by fres. Keecli. Koll Called: Premni Memva. Keech, ScUuli md Mclntyro, Prof. Ureeue broughi in estiinat-ee ol the cosí of the main aevrer and the Board adopted the foüowlng report: To tüe Common Council of the 'it. oí Aim Arbor: Gentlemen: In eompliance with the resolutiona and reporte referred to this Board In regard to a maln b vo herewlth Bubuait tae foUowing: Tbese estimates to ineludè thirty! or forty man-holes and the o: Iron pipes al a'.l railroad croasings and under the Pontiac street embankJ ment. Tüe pipes in strletly [irst-claSH glazed pipes wit.h beinp and cement joints lald truc to Une and grade thoroughly fmbedded and fillp1 below ::iui at sides and the treuches well ranimed and settled. The man io have walls elght Inches thlck oi hard burncd brlck, Iaid in cement and t be ol suitabie size for access. Provides junction pipes for future laberal sexers and have the usual cast (ron eóvers and accessories. From K. K. Bridge to corner of Miiin andSuinmit 8ts. (SñOOft. of 24 inch eewerpipe laid 811,259.00 From corner of Main and Siimmit 8ts to Miller Ave. XtiOOit of 20iueh eewrer pipo laid 4,442.00 From Miller Ave. to Williams etreet (partly tbroujrh private property) 2100 ft. of ÍK inoh sewor pipe laid.... 2.Ö62.O0 Frnm Williams st. toHill at. and the creek .'(500 f t. of 15 inch sewer pipe iiid 2,902.00 130,766.08 Engineering and ('ontingcncios 10 per. ct-nt 3,075.00 Í22.880.UÜ Unlèss the right of way across private píoperjy can be secured at iioriikiI coat, we would recommend that the sewer be laid In the atreet and if the oiitlct be carried below the R. i: bridge, add $350 for lron pipo and inerease of length. Respectfully submH ted, BOAKD OP PI BLIC WORKS, Jus. R. Baelj Depty. Clerk, Mr. Kcccli moved tha1 no tice be eerved op J. E. Beal, Esq., notüylng him feo removí' the nuisance, caused by tlie conductor m the west sidc of the building oecupied by the Farmers; and Moohan es' Bank, carrylng water trom roof f said building to stdewalk, whieh in eold ve;i tlier niaUes it l;ingerous to Hfe nnd Umi). Yens -Schuli, Slelntjrre and Kech. Na.vs- None. Board then adjouj'ued.


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