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Third Choral Union Concert

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'Cliis Concert wiill bc in the nal ure ot a Recital, intersperséd uith v'olifi solo-. Au admirable programme wül be Kiven. Concerniug the principal artista wc nppend the tollowins no tices: Mi;. WIIITNKV MOCKlilIXiK. vvmtney Mockrirlge is certatnly the peer oí any tenor ever heard here- Chïiêago Evenlng Herald. Wc luive seldoro heard a more pleasinff iiiiti finishcd tenor. His tone is eïtremely sweet and true, and above all it lias received a schooling tliat ík rarely attalned in this country.;- Washington I'ost. : Exquisito sliadlng and phrasing and (Jlatiuct enunciatlon were the chlel íharacteristica of Mr. Moekerldge'e (Pork.-Boston Sunday Times. MISS BBJLLB liOTSFOUD. . .Miss Belle Botsford makes her ilebui as ;i vinlinist, and whlle bnt a miss, she played the "Souvenir do Pade' in an artistic manner, winning; enlhuslastle applause from audlenee and orchestra allke.- New Yoi-k Times. The teuderuess of her playing, alvaya aecurate and fnll of tone, is guch s to satísfy a vcry erltical andience Iready preposessed by lier gentle and ïodcst hearing. -Ottawa Pree Press. Miss BotBford recetveö an ovatlon for er dellvery o( the ballade and polotalse by V"ieuxtempb-a oninber assayed y niany violinista, an dwhlch abonnds i technlcal difficultles, whlch were ö playto Miss Boston Joural'. mu. AKTiiri; BBEBSFOBD. Ai-Uiur Beresford, the Engltsh Basso, gave ;i splendld readlng of all the baas solos. His magnificent volee vividly recaMs tliai of Myron Whltney, and he wiii no doubi ;is hv matures, rival th.-it greal slnger.- St. Louis Dispatfih. His vciiir is a basso ot rare quality comblned with great poTor and flexiblUty, the threa essentü la ol a psrf ct voii'f. Ho is the coming mini and will undoubtodl.v 1)0 the éqnal of Whitney and other vonders. Mr. Beresford posseases a niajrniíieent basa voice of resonancc, virility, great powcr and remarkable compasa. -Chicago Saturday Evenling Herald. Arthur Bcresford displayod wonderful power and vocal Ism in "Why do the Nations," and "The Trompet Shall Sound. ''- Detroit Tribune. The last three concerts in thc Beries wili be, without doubt, the fincst ever heard In Ann Arbor. These concefts Peb. 12. May !) and May 80, will bc wort Ii doublé the price of a ticket, $2.00., the greatest of all pianista, appears mi Peb. 15. Hoiders of Chora! Dnlon tickets secure tickets for this concert at 50 cents, general admlsslon to all others, 75 cents. Moral- Secure a Clioral Union ticket at usual place. Judge Cooley, who since hls reslguation from the [nter-8tate Commerce (Joinmlssion h;is not been able to leave towu, inicmls to go to Lanalng on '! ii day iK'xt, to attoiul the memorial exereiaes to !._■ held in the Bupreme court for Judge Marstoa, The Judge bas jast begun ; course oí lectures n post-graduates on Rlghts.


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