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February Crop Report

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í lie monthly erop report for February was issued by Secretary of State Blacker Tuesday. It is compiled from returns received from 7.55 correspondents, representing 696 townships. Five Iiundred and six of these reports are from 378 townships in the Southern four tiers of counties, and 134 reports are from 120 townships in the central counties. The weather conditions duringjanuary were very favorable for the growjing wheat. Correspondents n all jsections of the state, witli fewexceptions, report tliat the erop suffeml no Injury. The ground in all parta of the Ptate was well covered witli suovv nearyal) du. month. The average depth m the coimlies of the southern aectioi jon the 15th ranged from slx to ter finches, the average for the section being seven inches. The average depth in the countie8 on the central section on the same date ranged from four to eleven inches, the average for the section being seven inches. Much of this had melted off by the end of the month, and the average depth in the jounties of each section on the Sist nged from two tó iive inches. On February 1, bare spots appeared in nost fields, and a day or two later the l'l'l w.t „early or qnite bare. g ■he(,r.stoCUus,„onththeWeatherhas been n.H.i, tluvi„s more or less dayandfrefi!-.i,,fi0I1,y Iightly at night. 1' ion, the Mto the sih the average day WenvtureatttosIngwaaSödegrew _, ind the averag „ight tempernture -■ dégrees F. The highest temperat'rein tlns tim was 4!. degreeson the ;", ;""( ty, Light rainorsnowhM tallen every lay except on the ÖUi nietotsflpumborof bushels of wht !(1(I ínarJteted by farmers & Jai ;lli i,W8. Of amounl 932 Imsheïa weie marketed iuj), or soutlKMTi ()f ,.,„„,, .. busilis i, the seeomj, btishelsin the third ti' A ■■JltUL4f" eatreportedmarketecrtnthe Öuths AOgust toJanuary. s9.&50,ra5 wfilla 1,069,847 bushels more an reportRÖ marketed in the same montl.s last year. The quantity of wheat reverted marketed in .Tanuary isS77,.m busheJs less than reported in December. The total quantity reporte.! marketed in the six months, Angust-January, is 32 per cent of the estimated erop of' 1891 The quantity marketed in the same manths of 1890-91 was 38 per cent of the erop of 1890. Farm animalsof all kinds are wïntermg well. The oondition, as reporte,] ranges from two to four points below V full average.


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