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A Misleading Letter

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Indiánapolis Scntinel, Jan. 2U. liere has recently appearpd in tlie ts of Indianapolis am tliroughout ie foUowing letter purport io emauaté from Cook ■ tlie IiHliahHpolis Hoanl of Health: á ''" re;lj to vuur ,ut.Jl t. we wilUvay Uiat the Indiiuiapolis mr!)f Eíealtli has never made H ,.„. -h, ■■i.-.-mnr ppwders. !t has „,v,r f-mlorsc ..„re,,,,,;,,, „..,.„, .. This letter as it appears in the paper as au advertisement isaddressed t , one and had such a "flshy" look that a reporter forthelndianapolis Sentinel was led to investígate. He called flrst on Dr. Frank A. Morrison, president or uie Board of Health, and propoundöd to him the following questions: lst. Dkl the Board of Health of Indiauapolis authorize and direct its, Dr. Peter Latz, to make in exammatlon of certain brands of baking powders? Dr. M.- Yes, a qualitative examination of all brands on this market 2ud. Did not Dr. Late state in bis ■eports that the foUowing brands were tound by him to contain ahun or uoimi or botlt ? viz: Aíkmtíc and Pam, Calumet, Crown, Barly Bieing, F&rxt City, Kerdon, Queen, BonBon, Boyal Rucklehans, Seafoam, Climax Dr. M.- Yes. "id. Did not the report further state that alum and amnionia were generally regarded l.y physiologista as detrimental t health and therefore ïiijurious ingredients. Dr. M.-Yes. 4f li. Did not the report further state Dr. Prlce'a Cream Baking Fowder contained nu deleterious ingredients Dr. M.- Yes. 5tli. Do you personally regard aluin and ammoPia as detrimenta] to health and therefore injuiious ingredients in a baking powder ? Dr. M.-Officially I decline to answer: personally I do regard them as injurio us. Dr. George J. Cook, Secy. of the Board of Health, was next visited at li is residence and the same queries put to him. He made substantially the same replies as Dr. Morrison, except that he was doubtf ui whether question No. 3 was in the report as filed by the Board, although he was sure that it was in Dr. Latz's original u hen Dr. Cook was asked whether ne reganled alum and ammonia as detnmental to health and theiefore injurious ingredients iri a baking powder ie, like Dr. Morrison,declined to nmkë 11 officia] statement, hut said iiersonilly that w, would not knowingly use baking powder containing either of hem f he could get a pure Cream of 'artar powder. 1 líese questions and answersseem to cover the groand pretty thoroughly, and whicbeveiofthecompahiesmanufacturing a povrder condemned in the city chemist's report is trying to use this peculiar fragment of a letter to break the force of its fajl, wil] not lerive much benelit from the scheme.


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