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Miss Sarah McCarty, of Augusta, died on Feb. 2a. Chas. TarbeH, of Chelsea, has been granted a p Vision. South Lyon now has a singing school with sixty raembers. Dexter now has a cigar factory. H. Rogers is the proprietor. Miss Mary Graves, of Mooreville, died Jan. 28U1, aged 75 years. Chelsea is a good peanut town. One lirra there sold 250 bushels during 1891 . John Kuster has purchased a half interest in Tairchild's meat market at Ypsilanti. St. Mary's church, at Chelsea, is out of debt and has a balance in the treasury. On Tan. 28Ü1, John R. Moore, onc of the pioneers of Lyndoo, died, aged 71 years. Frank Cosgrove feil on a slippery sidewalk at Ypsilanti, last week, and broke oneof his arms. On Feb. 27U), seven directors of the Chelsea Recreation Park Association are to be chosen. W. D. Mead and A. A. Wood have been elected trustees of the Presbyterian Society at Saline. Company C, ist Regt. M. S. T., bas receivéd applications from 39 your men at Britton for membership. Ad addition is to be built to the Lutheran church at Chelsea. Funds are now being raised for this purpose. Mrs. l'olly Powers, of Whittaker, died on the last day of January, after a long illness, aged seveaty years. Already contracts have been made for erecting fifteen dwellings in the vicinity of Clinton during the present season. J. Croakin and P. Sloan have formed a co-partnership for the purpose of carrying on the produce business at Dexter. , Homer T. Gallcnvay, who has had charge of the Livingston county poor farm for six years, has sent in his resignation to take effect April ist. Jacob Smith, of Clinton township, died on Tuesday of last week, aged 72 years. He was an old pioneer of tha't vicinity, having lived in that township since 1835. Following are the cürectors eieci oí the Cleary Business College at psilanti: 1'. R. Cleary, D. W. Springer, W. H. Sweet, E. P. Good rich and M. O. Straight. I The depot at Fowlerville haJ narrow escape, f rom being destrjJH ly (fire, a short time vso - - '■ J ...aivi.ea in the Hoor. but thal was about all the damage done. Dundee is on the verge ot electnc lighting. The council granted a franchise to a company last week, and next Thursday evening will make a contract for lighting the streets. Philip Clark died Sunday last, at his home here. He was one of the pioneers of Waterloo, but came to this place a few years ago. His funeral took place Tuesday.- Chelsea Standard. A quiet wedding took place at the home of Ceo. Theurer, south of Saline, last Thursday, the contracting parties being John Rothfnss and Miss Katie Theurer. Rev. Lederer officiated: Wm. W. Torrance has got his pension claim corrected. The claim was badly mixed with a fraudulent one, made by a man in Bay City, upon Mr. Torrance's record. The May City man has skipped to Canada. - Milan Leader. The Farmers' Alliance and co-operative association, of Gregory, was transferred on Thursday last to the National Union. U. A. Gates will be in charge of the stock the same as before. They expect to put in $8,900 or $10,000 worth of goods. - Pinckney Dispatch. Grass Lake. William H. Walker, lor the pa,t sixjy years a resident of Grass Lake, and one of the most prominent business men, died at lus home here Thursday, aged sixtyeight years. He was a zealous mem-1 ber of the Methodist church, a Royal Arch Mason and was held in the highest esteem. - Tribune. A fewdays sincewhüeC. B. Isbell was leading a young horse out in the yard by some sudden cause the h,orse feil, Mr. Isbell losing hold of the tie-strap and in reaching for it the horse jumped to its feet at the same time striking one of the shoe corks upon Mr. Isbell's finger, severing it close to the second joint. - Saline Observer. Oscar Kirchgessner and Albert Morschhaeuser, who works in the bakery, were cutting wood Tuesday afternon when Albert got in the way of Oscar's axe, and the result vas a gasli cut in the top of his head. It was not a wound, however, but it was hard to teil which boy was the most frightened. Dr. Lynch dressed the wound and made the Iad as comfortable as possible. - Manchester Enterprise'. The united efforts of the ladies of North Webster and South Hamburg tiave given birth to a áociety known as the Ladies Benevolent Society. The object of this society is to aid the worthy poor wherever found and to edúcate in its members a truc missionary spirit. The officers are as follows: Pesident, Mrs. A. O saver; vice-president, Mrs. A. Jj Sawyer; secretary, Miss Mabel Pryor; treasurer, Miss Blanche Butler.Dexter News. ' The management of the Dundee Agricultural Association have decided to give the free use of the track and stalls on the grounds to all owners of trotting horses dunng the coming season, tor driving and training of such horses. The track has a most, excellent reputation among horsemen of the state and far beyond as beirig the best track in the state, and this action of the management wül doubtless bring to Dundee the best class of horses for training. Several horsemen have already giv-en notice of their intcntion of being here with a string of fust steppers. - Reporter. Emery A. Stowcll has purchased from H. Walting & Son, the Eureka roller flouring mili in this village, and soon will assurae the management thereof. Mr. Stowell will doubtless prove a popular manager of the mili and conduct a large business. It is a finely equipped mili and has enjoyed agoodly patronage ander the management of lts founders Messrs. Walting, but owing to poor health of each they find it necessary to retire therefrom. In the deal Mr. A. Walting takes Mr. Stowell's farm near Belleville, and rfesi-rns to soon remove thereto and enjage in


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