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There has beeu considerable talk, especially by those opposed to the present state government, tliat the idea of retrenchment and economy in public business was but talk, and tliat the present administration would be no more eeouomical tlian itspredecessors. The fallacy of these statements has been shown in many ways, by the retiring of department clerks not needed (six of whom were retired in one department on Feb. lst), but there is no more strikingexample,. nor one that can be more readily appreciated by the public, than ;i comparison taken frorn I the books of the Auditor-Genera] , tive to tl .stüti' prison at Jackson, the i state house of curreclion at Ionia, and the Miwquette prison d uring tlie past' two years, tiie under republican iiid the sccunil under democratie 1 Bgemeot. The figures for tlie two I years are here jiven. 1890- KEri.'Ul.U'AN. The amounl oí cash on hand In all these ingtttuUoae on Junnary 1, 1880. iru í L9,003 19 TbcHtnouut drawri from the tressu:y rluring the for current exoeusea &y ttcpubllcan wardeus wus 90,1X10 0) Total cash avaiJable for curreut expenses Ii9,oti;i 13 Deduot trom this eum the oimh on hand at the cluse of tho year 12,54 S6 Bbnwa net cnrrent expenses for 18U0 VJ1.VP 27 1881- UEMOCRATIC. Amount of eash on hand in all thoo institiitions.Januaiy 1, 1S91 $ 12..VJÍ SU Atnouut drawn from the treasury dirinjr tlie year for current expenses by democratie wardens... ]ai,000.0(i0 Total cush availablo for current expenses 143,.r4 SO Deduct from this the eash on bund January 1, lültó 41,4fly ÏJ Exct-ss valuo of lumner on hand at Ionia Prison over Jauuary 1, lSiil . liü.000 (X) Total T1.W9 4" Sbowlnga net current expense íor 191 of 72,055 48 Ak eomjiarod with 11)7,138 T, For 1891 under control. Showing a saving in favor of Democratie wartena of $ 85,068 84 Tliese figures do not take into account the fact th(it the average population of the institutions has been greater than in 1890, nor yet the more important fact that the Upper Península prison was not ready for occupancy until April, 1890, while in 1891 it was oceupied the whole year.


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