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In Memory Of General Sherman

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The state committee of the General Sherrnan Statue committee has' issued the following circular to the patriotic residente of Washtenay county: Januaky 2, 1892. lkï tiir: The undersigued have been appointed a eommittee for the state of Michigan to aid in ïaising a fund for the erection of a suitable statue of General Sherman, to be located at Washington. While subscriptions to thisfund will be asked from members of the Grand Arm; of the llepublic, of the soeieties of tlie armies of the Tennessee, Ohio, Potomac and Cumberland, and of the Military Order of the Loyal Legión, it is deemed by the General Sherman Statue Committee that the citizens of the several states and territories who were not in the army during the mentous period of 180 1-5. or wlio are not membeis of any of tho above natned societies, wiil clieetful contribute towards tbis puitable wid permanent expression of t'ie reapeet, admiration and gratitude feit by loyal .Vmerican people ioï ilu: noble cliai'ater, lofty patriqtisDi and invaluable services of General SliPrman. Sitbseriptions frotn the citizeus of Michigan iré respectfully solieiteil o ai'l in psrpctiiiiting ;i memory which hall remain un iiispiration to aü patriytic loople now and hereafter. Messrs. Josepli T. Jacobs, II. S. Dean, W. K. hildsj ('. II. Mauly md W. F. Breakey, have ')een aj)pointeoi comniittee foi' Washtenaw county. Will yon kiiidiy address.yourreply to Mr. Joseph ï- Jacobs, chairinan, A nu Arbor. Micliigaul Yours very respoctfiilly, ConmiiÜi r.


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