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A new floor has been laid in Seyler's shoe store. J. T. Jacobs & Co. have a change of ad. this week. Half a dozen runaways have occurred here during the pa,st week. A camp of "Daughters of Veterans' is to be organized in this city. The regular meeting of the school board was held on Tuesday evening. An incipient íire caused a loss of $100 at Haller's furniture store, last Friday. The ladies of St. Andrew's parish gave a pleasant tea at Ilarris Hall, last evening. Justice Pond fined Julius Ninc $2.00 and $5.15 costs, yesterday morning, tor being dronk; The masque carnival of the Ann Arbor Rifles, on Feb. 22, promises to be a big succeas. A social was given last evening by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Congregational church. The Ann Arbor Guitar and Banjo Club will give a concert at Dexter next Wednesday evening. The lowest temperature during January, shown by record at the observatory, was eight degrees below zero. John Smith and Charles Miller were sent to jail tor iive days each by Justice Butts, Monday, for getting drunk. A special train on the T. & A. A, will bring a tlieatre party from Toledo to hear l'aderewski, Monday evening. The lady rnembers of the Gesaug Verein Lyra gave a leap year party at Light Intantx-y Armory, last evening. Washtenaw Chapter, No. 6, R. A. M., will meet next Monday evening. Work on the 1 M. and M. E. degrees. Mrs. Lucy Morton, of Owosso, died in this city on Monday, aged 03 years, her death being caused by heart trouble. A very pleasant social was given, with refreshments, by Prof. W. S. ferry, last Saturday evening, to the S. C. A. of the High School. E. F. Mills treads as though lie was walking on eggs, this week. He has a new heir, who weighs just eight pounds and made his debut on Sunday last. "AíínfinjeFof iriemis gafhëral at the residence of S. W. Clarkson, Wednesday evening, and assisted that gentleman in celebrating his JJth birthday. The argument on the dissolution of the attacliments against the property of Mrs. Olive E. Friend was adjourned from Monday until Saturday of this week. The members of the board of public works, the city clerk and the street commissioner visited Detroit,Tuesday, and inspected the systera of street signs in use there. Christiana, the widow of the late John Noll, of Scio township, died Tuesday evening. Her husband died a few weeks ago. Her funeral was held yesterday morning. The council of administrntion of Michigan Department, tí. A. 11. , have announced that the coming State encampment will be held in this city, April 19th, 20th and 21st. The next lecture in the Tappan training course, at McMillan hall, next Monday evening at 8 o'clock, will be given by ltev. II. F. Morey, of Detroit. Subject, "Lyman Beecher." On Tuesday evening, George J. Frohn and Miss Mary Schmid were married at the home of the bride's párente on S. First street, Rey. John Neumann performing the ceieraonv. A six-year-old son of Anton Brahm, of Depot street, died Tuesday, of diphtheiia. Three other children of the same family have been down with the same disease, but are nowbetter. At the next meeting of the Jashtenaw Horticultural Society, to be held at the court house March 5, the special subject will be the discussion of our poor roads and how to improve them. The Washtenaw Mutual Fire insurance Co. sustained a loss of $400 by the burning of the house of A. J. Murray, in Superior, Saturday. The tire caught from au over-heated stovepipe. A resolution w as passed at the last meeting of the Young Men's Society of Zion church asking the vestry to make arrangements for English preaching on each altérnate Sunday, instead of once a month. A very able and convincing discourse on the reasonableness of prayer was given to a large audience at U.niversity hall last Sunday evening, by Eev. Dr. White, of Cincinnati, one of the American revisera of the Bible. Glen V. Mills is now cminected with the Times n a business capacity. J. T. Jacobs Camp, S.O. V., celebratel Lineólas biithdxy in an appropriate nianner' last evening. Following a literary prograinme, supper ;is served, and dancing followed. The Argus prints on the lust page this week a cartoon by A. L. Alexander, of this city. The ent is made from a chalk plate and is Mr. Alexanrter's first production in this line. Tlie Ladies' Hive of Maecabees were entertained at a plenstfn't social, Tuesday evening, at the residence of Washington Allmendinger, on Packard street. The ladies had their husbandg along to enjoy the evening. The memorial services of Welch Post, G. A. It., in memory Of their deceased eomrades ol' last year, will be held at G. A. R. Hall, ïiext Tuesdav evening. The memorial address wül be delivered by Rev. J.T. Sunderland. The Argus has received a colored map of Ann Arbor, drawn by Geo. B. Schwab, whicli is invaluable. It shows and names each street in the city, the ward boundaries, the street car lines, and contains much other usefnl information. Casimer Bohn, a son of the late Casper Bohn, died at'Bay City on Thursday of last week, of typhoid fever, aged 28 years. He was brought up in Ann Arbor and had been traveling i'or Hammond, Standish tV Co., of Detroit for several years. The Young Men's Society of Zion Lutheran chnrch has elected the following offleers: Rev. Max Ilein, president; Robert Rayer, vice-president; Louis Boes, secretary; Kar) Steeb, treasurer, Herman Stoll, Walter C. Mack, Christian Schuholz and Plorian Muehlig, collectors. Here is the vvay the Adrián Press pays tribute to a great artist: 'lPaderewsky, the sorrel-topped Pole, who has a reputatioii as lurid as the glow of his hair, tor mauling the daylights out of a piano, will strike Ann Arbor Feb. Paddy is a boy just getting fairly settled in the twenties, but has an international reputation as a holy terror to flats and sharps." Grover Cleveland may not represent our own particular political views, but he does represent the majesty of this nation in being its former presidenta and in his coming visit to this city the people without exception will rise np to do him honor. A reception ought to be arranged so that everybody can see Iiitn and help lirnber up his elbow by shaking hands with him. - Courier. John R. Rogers has written a leltev to Judge Babbitt from Rome, Italy, relative to having the estate of this father, the renowned Randolph Rogers, administered in this county. He says that although his father had been away from Ann Arbor tor many years, he always claimed this city as his home, The judge of probate forwarded to him the proper papers to be filled out. Ilarnpton Atkinson died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Geo. Efner, on N. Fifth avenue, Monday afternoon of consumption, aged 37 years and 6 months. Deceased was a carriage painter and lived in this city until about four years ago, when he moved to Lansing, returning to Ann Arbor last fall. He was a member of Wash" tenaw lodge, 1. O. O. F., under whose direction the funeral was held, Wednesday afternoon. The animal tax sale of lands in Washtenaw county on which taxes are delinquent will be held at the court house on the first Monday in May. There are seventeen pareéis in Milan, twelve in Aun Arbor, nine in Ypsilanti, three in Mooreville, tvo in üexter, two in Chelsea,one in Manchester, and one in Delhi. The largest delinquent tax and costs is in Ypsilanti, $37.80, and the smallest in Milan, $1.28, the latter being a tax on fifteen acres. Arrangements have been eonupleted between John F. Lawrence and Mrs. J . T. Hallock wliich will prove of great benefit to the vacant land on Packard and State streets. A contract has been made by which, as soon as the logs now on hand are sawed up, Mrs. Hallock agrees to remove the old saw mili which has proven lor years a detriment to the property in that vicinity. The Lawrence property has been platted and as soon as the mili is removed, the addition will be opened up. A young boy named Willie Gross, eleven years old, was found vvandering about the streets, Wednesáay mor n ing about three o'clock, and was placed in jail. He told a flimsy story which the ofh'cers soon discovered was false. Upon investigating they found that the boy had stolen $2.00 and a revolver trom A. Mager and $3.40 from Chas. Millard. The boy is just that age wheu the law doesn't touch him. and the oflicers let him go. These youthful burglars are numerous here, hardly a week passing but some building is broken into by boys. Miss McGilvray, anassistant teacher in the tirst ward school, has resignad, lti'v. .1. P. I). John, president of De Pauw üniversity, will deliver the first lecture in the Wesleyan Guild course at the M. E. church, next Sunday evening. The marriage of Carroll Carrington Kimiey and Miss Annette Trowbridge, of Detroit, a former resident of this city, was celebrated at Christ chwrch, i Detroit, yesterday. One of the directors of the Ypsi-Ann road informs the Argus' that the prospects now are that the troubles of that road will be ended in a few days, and tliat operations will be resumed again soon. i Barlow Brothers' Minstrels vvill open ft one night engagement at the Grand Opera House on Tuesday next. The [company numbers over thirty ïun makers, principal of whicta may be i ïnentioned the acknowledged leader of the eomedy firmament, Billy Barlow, i that droll and funny fellow who will ! surely make you laugh; Larry McAvoy i in a new specialty; James Barlow will I introduce, for the first time here, bis latest terpsichorean divertisement comique, '-West Point Cadets and Vassar Belles''; Arthur La Bourd, England's famous tenor soloist; the Manhattan Quartet; Rummell, Hudson, Stark and West, and Manager Joseph i II. Arthurs's latest European importai tions, "Ferry," and the marvelous Leon Brothers. The sale of seats and boxes is now in progresa.