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The University bruising mate!) is dated for Fdiruary 19. The entries are for feather-weights, lightweights, raiddle-weights and heavyweights. The animáis are permitted to weigh from 115 pounds up to a ton. During ')i the Manchester creamery made 119,5,55 pounds of butter, of which liuffalo received 114,000 pounds. Jackson got 7,290 gallons of the buttermilk, and Adrián 790 gallons. Manchester herself had 110 use for bovine beer. Our correspondence are exceedingly thin of late.- Manchester Enterprise. From VVashtenaw reports of the grip, it is judged that the corresponderás are getting "pretty thin" also. In the new directory of Washtenaw, there are only 45 Smiths credited to Ann Arbor, which is a plain indication that the family has fallen upon its decadence - and probablv hurt itself. The United States ought to liave very great provöcation bef ore slie goes to war with little Chili. - Ann Arbor Argos. Well, hain't she liad it ? Didn't Chili hit Minister Egan in the ear with a rotten lemon ? t # Rosina Haab, of Freedom, asks the circuit court to compel John Staebler to go down into his pantaloons pockets after $5,000 damages to her character, which John said was not more than fair to middling. The Chelsea fat girl, Caroline S. Downer, a present attraction in a Grand Rapids museum, was xnarried last week to Thomas J. Warren. Already he is said to be wishing for a divorce, since conductors demand fare for both sides of her. The pleasures of coasting have their drawbacks. young lady of Ann Arbor had a leg broken last week. She was going up the hill when a traverse met her, and lacking the instinct which prompts gentlemen to give way for the ladies, the disaster followed. ■ ' J lie rhetoncclass is dying a horrorible death of original poetry," writes the editor of school sketches in the Saline Observer. Death is an uncanny siglit at best, but when it jumps astride the neck of the "original poet," it is robbed of half its terrors for the living. At last Ypsilanti concedes the superiority of Ann Arbor and the higher value of property in tliis city. - Ann Arbor Argus. , Now let us fall down on our faces and praise the gods that this thing is at last settled. The country can now unitedly seize Chili by the tail and thrash the Andes with her. E ft A Pinckney merchant could have purchased a tin cuspidore for ten cents, but he didn't. He made a wooden one and filled it with sawdust, carefully kiln dried. A night watchman prevented the sawdust and a lighted cigar stub from burning down the store. Theresidence of ex-Mayor Manly, of Ann Arbor, was damaged $150 worth last week by iire, the origin of which is still in dispute, some claiming a defective heat conductor as the cause, and republicans insisting on the theory of spontaneous combustión of the ex-mayor's manuscript speeches of the last cam)aign. Senator Brice, of Ohio', was a lau student of' the Michigan University n 1865-6, and had he chosen to have completed the course, might have become a distinguished pettifogger in justice courts; but he left the path of glory, and went into building railroads and dabbling in politics, the end of which was the United States senate. How many lives capable of usefulness are uselessly and recklessly wrecked! Prof. Kelsey, of the L'niversity, having had his attention invited to certain alleged archaeological specimens from Montcalm county, has exatnined them, and taking off li is glasses, pronounces them "fraudsof the first water. " As the " first water" of any especial consequence was Noah's riood, by what right does Prof. Kelsey pronounce them is frauds ? The long and intelligent row of University of Michigan Daily editors, numbering altogether thirtytwo legs, is threatened with a libel snit by Prof. Steere, for comments made on liis recent address, "Ann Arbor and the Saloons." At last accounts the U. of M. Daily stood in the position of Chili - willing to apologi.e, but refusing to do so. Hair may flow beiore the affair is settled. It is an awful tbing to criticise a professor. The County Treasurer of VVashtcnaw, Gustave Brehrn, has wifed liirnself. 'Sright. The effect of the supreme court ukase in regard to the Vpsi-Ann railroad has been to suspend the operations of the line, and there is a possibility that the spirit of progress grieved away may not again revive the road. It may yet turn out that the property owaers who chained a legal tie in front of the motor, have been cutting their legs to save their toes from carns. 'i # # A lengthy-limbed Aun Arborite, last week chased a train half a mile, and having captured it, feil off beforehe was on. Kut it came to pass when the wicked brakeman saw the long-legged passenger plunge from the step, neck over heels, in the snow along with his grip and umbrella, that he lifted up his voice, threw back his head and laffed. And straightway a gust of wind snatch'ed him hatless, insomuch tliat he pulled the bll-cord and disembarked to recover it. And lo, the other fellow, with his second wind, rushed for the train, got on board, thawed the icebergs out of his neck, and remarked as the train started: "It's an ill wind that blows nobody good."


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