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Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN. COÜNTY" al Woshlrnnw, Tlie undorsimed huvin been uppolnted l. the Probate Couri for said (.(umi , 'nri tm-Moiiei io rccoive, examine and niijuRt all claims iind (Iemands of uil pereons agaiust the estáte oí John Ora dall, lateof Kuldooupty.deoeHaed, herebyeivc noiice thal six montbs f rom date ure allowed.byorderof said Probate Cou rt, lor creditors to present tbeir claims apaiiiBt thu t!ar' ofsnid deeeaed. and that tbey wlll meet ut thi' lesideitce of William Murray, iu the townsbip of S.ilem in said county, on Kildav, the Courtll day of March, and oa 8atun7, the fuuith dny of June oext, at ten o'clnok A. iV. of ench of 8id dass, to nf cel ve. examine a Dd adju-t suid clnims. Hatod. Deccmbir 4„ 1891. WIIiUAM MUKHAY, JOHN n. WATERMAN, OommlMtonen. Estáte of Mary A. Ottmar. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY Oof Waatenaw, 88. Atasession of the Probate Court for the County ol Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Offloe in the City of Anti Arbor, on Monday, the ISth duv of January In the yeHr rme thouaand eight' hundred and ninety-two. fresen) J. Wlllard Babbitt, Judgo of Probate [n the matter of the Estáte of Mary i. Ottmar Incompetent Comatooï F. Mili, the Guardian of Batd ward. oomea Inio court and representa that helanow preparad t ronder bis annüal aooount as suob Guardián. v Thereupon ttisordered, thai Tuesday, the ifiih dayof February next,at ten o'olook in the forenoon, be asslgned tor examintng and allowlng snob account, aiut that. tbc next ui kin of suid ward and all other persona ínterested in aid estáte are FPqnired to appeai at asesslonof said Court, then tobe hokten at the Probate Offloe, In the City of Ann Aibor. in .said County, and show oauPOi il any tbcre lie. why the said account shouid not beallowed : And it is further ordered ilutt said guardián Iflve nntleetothe oersons interested in said estáte, of tbe pendenoy of said account, and the hearing thereof, by oausing a copy of this order to be publisned in the Ann Arbor Argüs, a newspaper printed and ctrculatinic in said oounty, tbree successtvo weeks provious tosaid day of bearinR. J. WUJAHD HAnniTT, [A true copy.l Judtrc of Probate. William G. Doty, Probatn ttegtater, Estáte ot John Jacob Schaffer. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTV o i Waahtnaw, eut. At a sestnou of the Prubate Ooui i lor tbe County ot Washtenaw t in at the Probate (JÜke in the city of Anu Arbor, on Mpnuy, the 26th day ol' January, in th year one tbouaand eight nundred and ïiinety-two. Present, J. Willard Babbttt, Jude ot Frobate. Iii tlie Timtter of the eatate of John Jacob Sclmffor. deceased. ronhard (runcr, the admiolsUat-or, with the wil tmnex6d, of sa4d esttiiu, comes iuto court and repittsenta tbat be la uowpropared to ronder luw QaAI account is sucb ailimni-tnitcr. Xbereunua it ia ordered, that Tiiesday. the 2. rd day of February, next, at ten o'clock in the torenoon, be ussigned lor examinin and ullowluL auch accounitand thal the devwees, lejgatees, and heird at luw ol said deoeaaed, and all olher persons interi'sted iu tfiud estáte, are required to iippcur at seMloo of said court, then to be holden at the Probate Otlice, in the city of Ann Arbor, In 8id county and show cause ii' any there be, why ihe said account shouid not be alljwed. And it is furlher ordered that said guardián xvq notir.e to the persons interested in Baid estale, ot the pendency ot siiid nccount and tlie hearing thereof, by causing a copy of thia ori'er to be published in the Ank Akbok Akoub h UL-wspaper printed andcirculatins insafd county three succêssive weeks pruvloua tosaid day of hearing. J. WILLARD BABBITT, ( A true copyj J udgeot' Probate. Wm. G 1oty. Probate Kegister. Estáte of Peter M Burlingame. STATE OF MICHIGAN, OÜÜNÏY of U'anhtenaw, es. At a seasion of the Probato Court for the County of Washtenaw. holden at the Probate Othce in th City ui Ann Arbor, on Frlday, the tifieenib day ot Jtunuary, in the yearone thonaaiwl eiiht hundred and uiuety-two. Present.. 7. Willard tinbbitt, Jud;e of Probate. In Che muiter f the estáte oi Peter M. iïurlingiime. deceasf il. (Ju reatiina and flliiiïï the pel i t ion, dnly verified, of CathciineM. Bu i llngame, urnying that adminïsnatinn de bonisnon with tlie wlll annezed ol I BoM eeiate may bc eranted to Nathan E. Öuttoo, oí' sume olher suituble peraon. Tliereupon it ia ordered, that Monday, the J5th day ol February, next, at ten o'clout: in .be lortnoon, be aüsigncd lor the hen ring of said inrt itiim, -intl ih it the devigeea, leattea and hui ra at law of stuii deoea&ed and il otuer persoiiB ïuterested iu suid estáte, are required to 'uppear at a Bepsion of said (Jourt, thö tojbe holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Aun A.rtor, and show eaupe, if aay there be, why the pr:iyer of the pet itio tier shouid not be granted. And il is further ordered, that suid petitioner give notice to the pereons interested in ttaid estáte of the pendency ol said petition, and the hearing thereot, bv causing a copy of thia order to be published in the Ann Arbok AÍigls, a newspaper pnntedand circuiated in said County, three successive weeka previou to said day of hearine. J. WILLARD BABBITT, IA true copy] Jude of Probate. William G. Doty, Probate Register.


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