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Meeting Of The Horticultural Society

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President J. Austin Scott uresid'■(1 over tJie February meeting of the Washtenaw Horticultural Society and eiK-ouraííed the. few who were present at the opening of the meeting, ïvho generally nave to bear the burdens, not to g-ive up the snip. He could not see why in euch an intelligent community, we could not get one hundred members, in as much us the fruit interest of this county was growing in importance irom year to year. He also npoke of the ïiecessity of belng promptly on time. Quite a numlxT of the members carne in an hour later than at the appointed time. , Mr. W. l' Bdrd, in hie addrees on The Lessons of 1891," gtated that the fruit grower had more enemiee than any other being on earth. This has boen an exceptioual year in some respects. Crops for the most part have been good and pa-lces for first class fruit have kopt up remarkably i wen. lie noted a partlal falluve o! iii-ajies and strawberries from sprlug i roete. 'J'otatoes sui'fered more from ' ►light tilia year than from bugs Many other vegetables failed irom oo-r seod. The most obvions lessous o' the I yeir are: Xst we must cultívate our trees and planta better. 2d We imist feed theni inore. :td To Kot the best price we musí grow larger and better fruit ;md nut it li]) in the b.'sr stylr Itli Do nnt put too Jiiüiiy eggs in the strawberry basket. Threeyears out of five thcy are n disappointïnent. 51 Ii Do jKit b 'lieve i word of the s"cd fruit catalog-ue. or lx: di '■(1 by theïr highly colored pictii (th Make fungus discases and I .mriniis ineeo.te more of ;i study nnd Ik; prompt in apnlying the reraedii s found effective. The iricrease of thes enemífs is alarming. Prof llüe} nis thai t5 ubKOlutely new, and tofore unknown kinds of injurious insect liave been recently disco vered, uiiong them the boring beetle which atfcacks strawberry roots. The apple maggot is ppreading rapidly westward. The Japanese peach worm, a relati ve of the codlin worm, has lately been imported. The moth depowite its egg on the apés oí the fruit like the codlin moth. Tuis paper was considera bly diseuesed by Messrs. J. A. Scott and ■I. G-anzhorn, vJlo wained against over feeding yoimg trees. In regard to ! tue spread oí insect, E. Baur rerred lo ihc. rpsoiutioiis passcd bjr the ■Wholesale nurscry men at their annual meetdng al Topeka, Jan 5, askiiiü; the co-ópération of all fruit growers in au effort to have stringent qnarantinc and inspeciton lawe paseed to pa-oteci agaanet the importatipn of diseased and un-ripe fruita from California, especially from districta ir.Mcu v.hü iiisecis, Kiu-ii as San José Kcah'. tv-oollS and livvn nhs, v are beájig iransmit tcd on botli fruit and pttcka-ges and many othcr insects and eondemning uaripíe frttlt ]iek(;d end handled by dieased dilnamen, vhich jiroccsscs combine in jeopardiziiiiC fclie Jie:ilth of our people, espedially prunes dipped in lye. Such fruits picked in an uniripe st;ite, are iliiniped on our markets by extenslve ('allfornia corporatlons, unfit for uso, at Ti-duccd jiriccs, whlch drive our liomegrown, ripe and wholeeome fruit from the morket. Fruit growers are, thereforc requested to Becure rigid quaran't i 1 1 1 ■ and inspectton lawe at the next of their respective legislatures. A vpT.y Ititerestlng paper on the p.ultivation of nut bearing trees was vead by Mr. Sanzhorn, both ior fruit ml timber purposes. Quite a discussion sprung up, dii whieh Messrs. E. A. iNordman and F. E. Mills made ! quit-ii au eifort to show thp shades of this Twight nut picture. The worthy president tamo to the rescue of Mr. Oauzhorn. .stating tliat a ten acre j plantation of hiekory trees received mi offer of $10,000. All, however, agreed in encouraging farmers to jilant walnut trees or other nut trees along the hiiïhwa.y or alonpp their Unes. The trees would soon eerve as posts for wire fenciog. Tliis discussion was quite a picnic, as thíe experienced men shucked 3 bu. of walnüte into one bushel of cleap nnts, took them to t.lie Aun Arbor innrket and were very fortúnate to g-et -4-0 cents. There are i ui ever. bet ter markets tor nuts. Mr. I Mills eould not get the boys to shuek walnuts on hall share. The priees for ■walnut timlHT have eonsiderably ïhnaged sinoe red oak lias come to TlM! front. Mr. Mills named a black ■ivalinii ti-ee for which $l.ri0 were refuscd, Avhich aow -vouid not bring I $40. Mr. Nordman eould JlOt ' chanpre 20-inch walnut boards for pine luml)cr. Nut-beardng trees do better ïrom the eed. pkiaited wliere they to stand. Plant mits as sood as ripe; fchey wl] mot germinate readily if allí. wed to dry. The motion to mafce the road question a special topic for our Marcb meeting was earried. Mr. E. A. Nordïnan, of Oviina, Fred Jlrami, of Ann Arbor town and Hou. J. ]. Lowden. of Ypsilaiiti, were requested to read papers before the society on tliis most important queetion of road improvc■niciit. The time for the meeting is the 5th of March, sliarp at one o'clock, j). m., which time has been ■appointed for the special beaefit of the farmers. -vho can not attend any ate ineetiugs. tlie citizeus of AVawIUcnaw 1-ally to lilis meeting-. IBrlng your cïinner baskets along, ]iost lyoua-scll on this queetion, to make i the proper arrangemeaits al yoftr town meetings. I Mr. A. A. Crozier. the entomololj.-si oi tlic society, w-ni ;iv( formulas Ion iusectieides and fungicides at Baid ïni'cihiiv. Kvcr.v iai-iucr is interest(1 iu the dest niet ion of no.vious ineeete and in luwcniin pí;n( diseases. A motion, that the eecui ive comJiin t i-e ]■■ instftreted i o investiga te the tility and doeirabiüty of BecurIng the nexi animal meeting of the State Horticulturnl Society .-it nn, and extend, ifound praetic n-n inVitation ii. bc-haU of the society wo i iwiri'ied. Quite .-i of peneh twiga fin on ingh and rtouihIs were by iMessrs. "Vm. McCreery tind .7. Gnnzhorn. I pon exominatioB. al! these buds proved safe and sound. .1. Austin öcotl exhibited fine specii;u'ns oi apples: the Jonathan ' ive, Swar, Spafforrt Uusa t, Laöie's i SweetLng, Talman Sweet. E. Baur exhibited Jonathan apple and D'Arembarg pear; also pear syrup, used in pLace of store eyrups and molasses. This syi-up ivas prepared in the Jelly Factory oï the Ann Arbor Fruit and vinoft-ar Co. Mr. Chamlxirlaih, from W-elwto.r, "was -woLc-oniod to the membersüip of tho society. "We jast need fmch youns: men froin .all tile towriKhips of Wiilitiiaw. Cor Sec 'y.


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