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Another Month Of Bargains

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_s ' ís, For the month of MARCH, we are making the Lowest Priees, and keeping anead of all competition. llead carerully every item. A 3 l-2e Benefit. ___ _ KIe Ciirtain Scrim, 3}c a yard. 10c Plaid Dress Goods, 3le a yard. 5c Shilling Prints ÍJíc a yard. 10c Embroideries, 31e a yard. ■5a Dark Dress Prints, 3Jc a yard. Yard wide Sheeting, 3c ;i yard. T88ÜS liïfB F01 A 5c LISTi i 100 Pieces New Spring Prints, 5c a yard. fd@ ]jinen Crash, worth 10c, now 5c a yard. PxiOvA 50 Pieees New Spring Ginghains, 5c a yard. -'S'3"$S%" :i") Pieces New Striped Flaunels, 5c a yard. %pKnLaj? New VVhite Check Muslir, 5c a yard. ' 1)qJ New Silkoine for Curtains, worth 12e, now 5c a yard. 40-inch Fancy Curtain Scrim, worth 10c, now 5c a yard. 50 Pieces 10c Embroidcries going at 5c a yard. One Case Soft Finished Bleached Cotton, now 5c a yard. Pretty Styles Seaside Flannels, worth 10c, now 5c a yard. White Shaker Flannel, worth 10c, now 5c a yard. Special lonsdale Bleached Cotton 8c a Yard. Farweil 10c Bleached Cotton, 7 1-2c a Yard. Cotton Diaper, worth 60c, now 49c a Piece. -- - - -- - A Great 39c Money-Saving Benefit I 40-incli Black Drö98 Gqod, Ilenriett as,, Stripes, Black and a White Plaids and Checks, worth 50c, now 39c. 100 Pieces Colorad Dress Goods, Homespuns, Plaids, Suitings, Brilliantines, Fancy Tweeds and Cheviots. En tire Line worth 50 and 60c, all going at 39c a yard. 50 Pieces New Spring Dress Goods in Hedford Cords, 50 Pieces Cashmeres, Stripes and Plaids, all at 12+c a yard. Ladies Do You Want a Perfect Fitting Corset? Try a Pair of the R and G or W C C. Extra Long" and Medium Waist, 11.00 a Pair. BUY YOTJR SPRING GOODS NOW. JUST THE TIME TO MAKE . . . TIIEM UP. . . . StfRAIRER & MlLLGD, Leaders of Low Priees and Always the Cheapest.


Ann Arbor Argus
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