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A Deplorable State Of Affairs

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On Sunday evening no less than three attempts at criminal assault occured in this city, right under the shadow of the dome of the University. The ladies who were the yictims of these assaults, none of whom were seriously injured, have requested that their ├▒ames be withheld, and for this reason the Argus is unable to give the statements of the dastardly outrages. The attempts, from the clues furnished the officers believed to be the same man, were bold and brazen, more the acts of a crazy man than of one in his senses,. One assault was made in the house of one of our professors, another within half a dozen feet of the door of another professor's resideuce, and the third not twenty feet from the residence of the lady and within the hearing of her son's voice. These attempts have been the subject of comment among our citizens generally during the week and should the villian be caught, the result might not be that contemplated by the law. It is a fact that within the past six months not less than nine criminal assaults have been attempted in this city. None of these have proven successful fortunately. The officers are using every effort to get some clue to these latest outrages, but it is very doubtful if he will be caught as the descriptions of the villian are very meager.


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