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1 #" WOHTH A GUINEA A BOX." jONotDrunkJ X C jm. Just dizzy! Therc is a 5 j n su re oa the brain, owing to r 5 ti )' KfH a cLÍPní lc systcm. i KfTfBEECHAM'SÍ W. PILLS I' I JUJrw' rcmove the obstruction ' í S anc proiits the vital ' k tions to act naturally. They cnre dSick Headache, und nll BUlou andjj 5 XervouDIorder,arllnir froni WcaL , i 2 Stomitch, Indigestión, Couatlputlun ; and DUordercd 11 ver. , 1 Of all drupgists. Price 25 cents a box. J X New York Depot, 365 Canal St. 37 Q Califoínia Fruit Laqd p Afatt Whittier Land A Water t'o. INCORPORATED IN CAUFORNIA, 1880. ff Headquarters al Whittlcr, I. os &W[ L Angelo.? Co.t California, for the pur la pose ofáflling fruí tlands and water B B íor Irrijfatjng imrjjoscs. 1 liis N ICompanv lias for sale Borne two thousana acres of choice fruit lands, n subdtvided Into rive, ttaandtwenty w acre traets, with a soil of nn.ít M Fdepth and richness, thatfnryearshas _ r.iised rrcat cropï f wheát, barley u5lía and corn without any v. .iier; ú O respon practic.illy frostleí-s, whera " heíiotropo grows the year round. It is the most desirable acreage -, propertv in Southern California fíir M Rhome-seekers. '1 he propertv will 9 not be sold to specuiators, but to "" those who wiil itnprove it at once. ÊL Theae lands are now offered at $200 Mn Nper acre, with some cholee lots at m $50 per acre, includinjr water, b ■ You buy the land and watt-r toWhH gether,and not simply a water-right, Bfl and you gel the finest kind of each. - For further facts, apply to B ASIMON J. MURPHY, er A. L. REED, j PRE8IDÉNT. OEN'L M'G'R. 10 Moffit Building, 2 Detroit, Mich. Whittier, Cal. Toledo, Ann Apbor and North Michigan Railway. Tune Csri) in eönct .Tnmmrv 24, 1892 Amv.i! of iraiuc at Adti Arbur ouly. OOINO NORTH. [o.l. Wailand Kxpi-ess T ïï a. m. o. :. Passtr, Aun Arbor j4ceoin...]i5lU uoon 'o. 5. Mail Paseengei 4 25 p. m. aoiNO souTn. [o. 2. Miil Passenger 1118 a. m o.4. Wall Kxpreas.. 840p.m. No. fj. Pasacrger, Tejado Aetrom TÜOa.m. Triins :i and 6 run betweeu tin Arbor tind 'olédo only. Central Stumlnrd Timo. AllTrains Daiiy W.H. BENNETT, R. S. OHEENWOOU, Gen. Pass. Asenv. Local Agent. Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Street Railway. Time Uible taking: effect October 4, 1891. Leavelnn .4rborfrom Cfiurt Huusr, Kt 6.15, .3(1,9 30.10.50 a. m., and 12.50, a.SO, 3 50, 5.20. .60, 820,9.61', 11.20 p. m. Leave Tptrilcmti at 0 00, 7.15. 9.00, 10.30, a. m. and 12.30. ;t.3ü,5.0(:, C 30, 8.00, 9.3U, 11.00 p. m SUNDAY T1MK TAHI.K. Lt-iivo Ann Arbor from Cuurt House at 2.20, í.ro, ó ;;i, fi.50, 8.20, 9.50, p. m. Leavc YpsUanti at 2.00, 3.30, 5 00, H.W. 8.00, 9.30, p. m. (V8 run on City Time. Coupon tickets, 10 cems. For sale by couduetors. III I the Larirest Gold Mine . Mí AR 1 8 1" S AR? the Lartrest Sil ver Mines. ñafia m ffiggsgggsssás4Has Extensive Grazing Ranges, Fine Timber Belts, Wide Agricultural "Valleya. ís larper than New England, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware coin3ned. The Great Northern Kailway is thedireotllne from St. Paul and Minneapolisto Great Palla, Monarch, Neihart, Iiarker, Helena, Butte and other Montana points. Apply to your borne railway a#ent for tickets over the Great Northern. I do not wish to blow into I FND them, but merely whlsper tliat the Red River Valloy offers fine indueements for home seekers, M E "s a'so tne entire región nloni' the Great Northern Kailway through Minnesota, North üaYOIIR kota and Montana. For Maps, GuideBooks, etc., apply to V. _ I. Whitney, G. P. & T. A., st. FAHS Paul, Minn., orto your noarest railway agent. In some states the T H F YOUNG ratio is two and ot' nt ten three to one in vnilim , ,..,r favor of the men. "-'-'iNti WOMEN, The best route from MFN St. Paul, Minneapylt" rn olis, Duluth and arpoUT ÜU West Superior to snLUUI the Northwestern THFRP WRST I and Paciflc States is 'nene "M1 ' via the Great Normow thern Railway. MUW. Farmscan be had in Minnesota and North Dakota on erop mand other plans to suit purchasers. No failure of crops in twelve years of settlement Large yields of wheat and other ppn staples. Fine stock región. ntU Good schools and churches. Healthful climate. Great Markets within easyreach. Farms RIVFR P;tid for trom tne Proceed9 or illicn one ei.Op_ Highest prices paid for prodnets. The Great Nor - thern Kailway has three unes VALLEY through the Valley. Address W. W. Braden, Land Coiniinssloner, St. Paul, Mitin., for particularB. ABOUT A GREAT COUNTRY. Maps and publications sent free, and letters asking: íntormation about travel and settlement in Minnesota, tlif Dakotas and Montana answered by P. I. Whitney, G. P. & T. a. Great Northern Railway, St. Paul. Tickets to all points in the West. Lowest ratos to, the Pacific Coa8t. ?í-ACEWTS ÖOSNI .1 J-J-M X tomatic Coolter, Lat est andg SsliTfcM best cookiiig uíensil ever invent-B B 'iETT. ed. SellsatsiKhL One Agent m ür3 sold over 1 700 Ín one town. B 2?'írs One sample Cooker f roe lo E 1 j. - Lrf good agents. Advertising matterK m eJET& furnished. Forfullparticularsad- ■ ffjf dress W. E. BEVERIDGE,H j l4L- BALTIMORE, Md.fl " í TONY SCHIAPPACASSt, NO. 5. N. MAIN STEET. FRUITS, NUTS and OONFEOTIONEKY TOBACCOS AND CIGARS, üysters and all kinds of fruit ALWAYS OnST HIITX)


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