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Weak, Nervous Men

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ïük. YOU.who have been humbucr: rfcj Belts," " Fello . ■ L■ ' "T. ferei."1 m:n," "Nervine,'" ' t' ,"% Un&inQiPI C Cure,"r ' 'nvefound youn-i!! C7& nUWUnrtD.8I lngwors : ou. who have pi■"'-■► p despair, havü) omed; there is n- SS. f for me;" to you I say: CP, n-i SAVE KM BSSI F! T1IDBK IS ■ Jñ Ym TIIEBB IS A JUME! Noraat!' liave taken or who has ; .' to cure yon, writo me a " - " f uil history of yon: o fK, SBt aiid send for Eook (free) Clir5?."''1"! and üofrtlon Lint. m ThouBiindx Tured. OlitiL'MOrüL ''ortj jers' expcr. ( VfAs, :'f Consult the Old Doctor All l'rirate, Nerro. ik'Mi CHBOHIC DISKASKS of either sej aklUfully and suocessfully treati - tjBkT"' -biA tl cure Bi&ranteed in every curabif; t:s'.1 Married men or those ahr.1jtSJf !P mflrry, who dread their weakness or incapacity, or whose blood is lo flHEs with impuritiea transtni8sible to oifipriüg, should "Sy wlyZ'' consult the oelebrated Ur. Clarke at onco. TDCATMCMTl WBr' sultation personally or by letter, freo and nCn I lllCil I I dential. Medicines sent everywhere eecure from ? Estahlijhed 1851 exposuxe. A f riendly letter mfty aidyou and direct you to health. Ac OR. F. D. GLAÜKE, Merrill 3iock, cor.woodwaraá tsti,t., Detroit,


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