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XNDTHF "Itls notonlr the 'Bo.; Miin'u Hacazlnr,' I BIIOU '"." '" "P"''1? doptMl lo le 'Buíj dUúi oiiu'o'-surh .tí mMt of oh are." Ulliuiulñ (Dlrs.) l.rcï A. OSIIAM). WulnAN S Mlriilgao KCuIr Nornial Scliool. IT PLEASES EVERYBODY. Ritas Francés Wlllard.- "The brightest outlook window in Christendom for busy people who want to neo what is goblg on ín tlie world." Proviilence Telegram. -"A greatboon to the busy, thelazy and the econpmical." Xhe Congrega tion a llst.-Thismonthly has no peer n originality of design, scope and accuracy of visión, thoroughness in execution Hnd ability to transfonn its rcnd?rn nto Citizen otthii world." Chicago Interior- "THe Review o RevïeTvS) of New Vork, has come to the rescue of busy people. We know of one high railroad officia who for a month has worked until 11 o clock at night, and yet has kept vvell informed of current world events. He readsthis Magazine. It gives him a ru nninp commentary on important events, besides a dijjest of the best anieles in contemporary magazines." Price 25c. S250 a Year. 1CESTS WAXTED. CLll) RATKS OS APPLICATION. THE KEVIEW OF KEVIEWS, for Saniik' fop;. O 13 .ior IMacc, Srw Vork. ÏKE SOXtt OF THE "So. 9." My dress is of line polished oak, As rich us the (mest fur cloak, And for hnndsome design You just should see mine- No. 9, No. 9. I'm beloved by the poor and the rich, For both 1 inipartially stitch ; In thecabin I shinc, In the mansión I'm fine- ■ No. 9, No. 9. I never get surly uor tired, Wiih zeal I always am flred ; 'i'o hard work I incline, For rest I ne'er piue - No. 9, No. 9. I am easlly purehased by all, With instalmentB that monthly do fall; And when I am thine, Then life is benigu- No. 9, Xo. 9. To the Paris Exposition I went, Upon getting the Grand Prize intent; I lef t all behind, The Grand Prize was mine- No. 9, No. 9. At the Universal Exposition of 1889, at Paris Franee, the best sewing machines of the world ineluding those of America, were in competition' They were passed upon by a jury composed of the best foreigu mechanica! experts, two of whom were the leading sewing machine manufacturers of France. Thisjury, after exhaustive examination and tests, adjudged that the Wheeler & Wilson machines were the best of all, and awarded that company the highest prize offered- the GRAND PRIZE- giving other companies only gold, silvcr and bronze medals. The French goverurnent, as a fimher recognition of superiority, decorated Mr. Nathaniel Wheeler, president of the company. with the Cross of the Legión of llonor- the most prized honor of France. The No. 9. for family use, and the No K for mannfacturing uses, are the best in the world to-day. And now, when you want a sewing machine if jou do not get the best i( will bc your own limit Asl: your sewing machine dealer for the No 9 Wheeler & Wilson machine, lt be doesn't keep thern, write to us for descrlpüve catalogue anrt terms. Apents wauted In all i-.nocenpied territorj-. 7HI5SUEH & V. il 5ON MTO. CX) Chicago, IU. FOR SALE BY Michael Staebler. Ann Arbor, Mich. pensions: If you want a Pension, Or re-ra tinff, or any question luiswered in Pension or Patent mnttters write J. jl. STAKWEATHER. Romeo, MichM. Síiiikíveather tecuied over ten per cent of all original Pensions allowed in MichiR-an f ( ïiir :iunth of August, 1Ï9U. 5SB allowed.- Detroit Freo Press


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