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Tll6 7r PRlfia orAni-KK'i'r öaturaay Smm üdition r&imm nWi Wl W tf? Is a handsome sixteen-page weekly newspaper, fillcd with the most entertaimne readingthat briUiant mmds well trrined in every department of literature can moduce It has the advantage of the fast-mail service and isdelivered at the maJority of postoffices on day of publication. luajunty or post The Chicago Herald is the foremost journalistic champion of Western intering opponent ot a sjstem that takes f rom the many to enrich the few The Herald broadlyand progressively democratie in politics, but it is bound to no na tv that party stands for principie and justice. Believing that the safetv öf tL reVblic viow demands a return to constitutional methods, to economy fa administ ration { t e obhtera ,on 01 war possions and to the summary defent of the powèrful inè est t al have alhed hemselvos with the leaders „f the republican party for the pürnose of promoting selfish interests at the expense of the whofc people Thf Hkrai fiïvot return of tne democracy to power and will labor intelligenfly o that end A feature of The Satürday Editioi !f T ,k Ïkra d and one to which much space is devoted, is the wecklv rernrH „f ,, '"■llAU)i ' ÍSí'Za ?'% SSuvt i - ) v ; j:' ' c".'"j 75 J-'111'}1 and Sunday toeetker 8 oc Daily, includingjiaturdayiyear. ó.oo Sample cTpies fríe Address THE CHICAGO HERALD JAMES ■.SCOTT.P.b.Uto. CHICAGO ILK


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