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Adrian Press Washtenawisms

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Saline has no lanas tojbc sold for state taxes. A tailor and his "goose" have struck Chelsea. Dundee is to be split in two for voting purposes. The Chelsea Oil Stove Works have started up for the season's business. Animated by the first breath of ( spring, the local politicians of i tenaw are beginning to crawl out of the cracks. Betsey VVilson, of Ypsilanti, has sued William Washington at the law, William having secured the use of Betsey 'saffections, which he neglected to return. The parties are high life colored folks, and the affair casts a gloom over the community. Rev. John L. Davis, pastor of the African M. E. church, of Ypsilanti, makes lamentation and charges that the pastors of white churches slight him and fail to properly recognize him. Can such things be, in the land of the free and the home of Capt. Allen? "Help, Lord, for the godly man ceaseth," in Ypsilanti! Horrible threat by the Saline Observer: There is an individual belonging 1 to the male rank, and well along in his teens, in our vicinity, who is fitting himself for that home where moss and rust doth corrupt, and where hash is the chief luxury for breakfast. Deviltry is his only idol and the cord of his freedom is shortening unless he mends his ways very soon.' Two steers belonging to Williatn ]5urtless, of Manchester, feil down a well last week. One of them was rescued alive, and as to the other, it was "well" with him after death. Prof. Reighard is a university professor and has made a discovery that shall send his name rattling down the funnells of fame through ages yet to evolve. He has discovered that an angle worm actually has organs of taste. Must be that the professor has been bitten by one of the flesh colored fish tempters. After sitting in long-haired solemnity several weeks over the question of allowing the base-ball team to go east, the faculty of the University has decided to permit it. It is said the umpire is having a coat of mail constructed of aluminum, with a doublé row of jagged fortifications as an after-defense. Oscar Kirchgessner and Albert Morschhauser, Manchesterian woodchoppers, were working together the other day, and they by some means becoming entangled in each other's names, Kirchgessner's axe accidentally opened Morschhaeuser's scalp, Circhgessner. upbraided Morschïaeuser for getting in the way and dulling his axe. Nineteen pretty girls filed into an Ypsilanti justice court laët week. They were there to see what would )e done with the 2oth girl who had been saying unpretty things about nother. Some said the story was rué, "so there!" others that No. o (was "a mean lying thing," and hey "could just bite her head off!" 'he president of this grotto of ymphs adjourned the case. Ann Arbor has a Jimmie Blytheman in the person of Willie Gross, leven years old, who was recently ound by the pólice skulking about t 3 o'clock in the morning, having tolen during the night Í5.40 and a revolver. As law shields him from the reform school till he is 12 years old he was let go. He is not too young, however, to have the dust fanned out of his pantaloons by losers of cash. Let us all beware lest our faith be not well founded. From boyhood we have been accustomed to a picture of Christopher Columbus, and until recently never doubted that it was the result of a snap shot from a kodak. Now comes Prof. Adams, of Cornell, to Ann Arbor, and gives it out that no two pictures of Columbus agree, and that it is doubtful whether a picture of him was ever taken. Again, we had been led to suppose that the tracks of Columbus where he jumped ashore at San Salvador, were still visible in the clay. Adams says six islands lay claim to being the first that was pressed by Columbus' "No. 13S." We had grown up in the belief that Christopher's remains were resting in Havanna. Adaras says they are at San Domingo. The great question with which we are now confronted is: Was there any Christopher Columbus anyway, or is it all razzle-dazzle.


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