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Proceedings Of Board Of Public Works

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[OFFICIAL I Office of the Board of Public Work.s. Ann Arbor, Mar. lst, 18Ü13. Special meeting. The b'oard met and was called to rder by Tres. Kpocli. Ruil called. Piresent Meesrs. Keecb and Schuh. Absent Mr. Mclatyre. I'rof. J. B. Davis read the follovrins cport as requested: ACKARD STEEKT, OK SOUTH YFSILANTI ROAD, STREET KAILWAY. o the Honorable Board oí Public Works, of tlie City of Aun Arbor. Iu the matter of the extensión of the motor ine iuto the city of Aun Arbor, aloug the eener line of South Ypsilanti Koad, from the resent city limita to the old city Limita, under ie terms of anOrdinanee.apprbved February 8th, 1S92, 1 would report as follows : Said ïailway imist be constructed along the enter line of said road at the grade of the ame for the top of the rails in the same maner as any other street railway. Said track should be constructed on track tringers like au ordinary street railway, said tringers to beburied as usuial. If this is imracticable and ties must be used, they should )e as short as possible, not over seven (7) feet n length, and laid thicker than usual if need o be to secure the requisita stability o', the rack. Auy turn-out must be laid so there wil] be 100) one huudred feet of straight track clear f curves to give standing room for the motor ud two cars. The space between the gauge ides of the nearest rails iu the branches of ;he turu-out must be (5) five feet for the cars o pass each other, and for the safety of pasengers and train-men. The raain track should e central in said road and the turn-out ormed at one side of the main truck to leave oom for the passage of teams on the other ide of themaiu track. Respectfully, J.B. Davis. Dated, Aun Arbor, 1892, 3, 1. Wliieh i-eport was adopted by a yea uul nay vote as lollows: Yeas - Mtssrs. Keecli and Schuh - 2. Nays - None. ïy Mr. Keech : Resolved, That in the matter of the construc" ion of the track of the Ann Arbor and Ypsianti Street Kailway withiu the city limits, hat the report of J. B. Davis this day made be u all things approved and adopted. aiid that aid railway tracks be coustructed in accordince there to, except for the present permissiou s granted to said Street Kailway Company, to eave the centre of the street in front of the auds of Herman Krapf and to run the same long the south line of said street. Which resolutioji prevailed by a yea uid nay vote as follows: Yeae - Messrs. Keech and Schuh - 2. Naye - None. On motion the Board adiourned.


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