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Notlco of Chancery Sale. In puntuiufoe ánl by virtue .of a doeree of hel .ie, ui Ooiirt lor the County of Wasbtelaw, in Chancery. made and entered on the lev ntli day o( Jauuaiy, A D., 18Í2, in a cerniii cause iheiviu pending wherein t brlstlan Miiolt, k'rederick Schmidt and Daniel Hlsoocfe ire eomplaluauta, mul John M Swift. Uenrtkia wilt, Mniy E. Loomisand F,ucv s Bournsare lefendants, notiee is hereby iriven tbat I sliull iel] at public duoüon or vendue, to the higheet itdder, t the outb front door ot the court in i i,v ol' Ann Arbor, County of iVaahtenaw, State of Miobigan. i that being the ilace of holdlug the Circuit Court of Raid iouiity). on VVedneuday.the SOth dayof Marob, . l) . 1: '.!:., :;t ten o'clock in the forenoon of laid dity, all tlmt oertaln pieoe or paroel ol and sltuato and being lu the City of Ann At)or, County of Washtenaw, nnd State of MiehKun, known and described as iollows, to-wit: All [ands, riwliis. tilles, interest s, water power uid privilcíreál'roinand alter the (late beroof vhioh bare been acqulred by the saai John M. Swift and Honrüda Swit't, his wlfe, Mnry E. Loomis and Lucy S. Bourns, under and ly vir:ue of the deed hearing date on the elghteenth ay of December, A. D. elghteen nundred and hirty-ei-hr, made and executed hy David 'age and ( laleb N Oruisby. and their wives, to Villinin M Sinclair, and reeorded m the oliiuc f the Uogister of Deede of Washtenaw 5ounty, Michigan, in Ltber O of Deeds. pae Bft; and undor ihe deed inade by John Deo, ío Vliliam M Sinclair, bearlng date on the toureenth day ol' .lauuary. A. D. (1860), elghteen mndred and fifty-Bix, and reoorded in the office if the Keglster of üeeds of sald County, in jlher thirt v -nine of deeds, mi page T7ti; and miler i hc deed madd by Clement H. Thompson undhiswife to Willlam M Slnolair bearlug [late the rtrst uay of October, A. D. eigliteen mndred and tilty-nine, and reeorded in the oflce of the tmid Register of Deeds. in Litter fory-üve of u: ds, on page B8ti, (subject to tbe case made by the said Wiliiam M, Sinclair to said Clemeut U. Thompson, hearing date on the lrst day of Ooiober, A. eighteeu hundred md lilty-nine, and recordedm the olüce of said Kegistei of Deeds, in Liber iorty-üve of Ueeds, un i:iiges6Wiand 68T); and by deed of Wtiliani M ölnelair and wile to Frankiin tíwift and illiam Deuhel, hearing dato April thirtieth, (J807). eighteen hundred and sixty-seyen, and reconJed in the office aforesaid íq Liber stxty-oueol Deed, on page 4ftu; and hy deed of Wllllani iiOiibel and wile to John M. Swift, Vlary E. JjOnmis and ijiicy S. Bourns, hearing date Octob'-r iwentj'-eight, eighteen hundred ind sevtni -four, including herein the grist md fiourii.c mili, commonlj" kuown as the 'Sinclair J.i Is," and all the mactiinery and apDarutUK toiplements and uteusils erected or joinmnnlv i.sedtherein inreceiviug. weighinp, : leva t Ing, i moving, eleaulng griuding.flonring or puck uní gruin, corn or Bom, and all the ippurtenauces tnereunto belonging; hereby iDtendmg to ■ ell aud couve.v all the right, title and interest of the said John M. Swift, Mary E. Loomis and Lucy 8 lioinns in the uremises aB aequirec by thein (SUbJQüt to the lease aloresaid j f rdin the date aforeeaid, exuepting and reserving all riglus heretol'ore grantmg to CiCni'.iit tt. 'L'hnmpson or hisassiyus to take ice from h:s nuil pouds descrlbed in lus (ieels and to have aeeessto theui lor thai purpose; and ! alao, tur engine house in the rear ol' the mili oihee. Dated at Aun Arbor, thiellt.h day of February, .A. D. 1892. PATHICK McKERNAN, Circuit Court Commi8si'ner, Wasbteuan' County, Michigan. J. C Knowlion. Solicitar tor Complainants. State of Michigan, County or Washtenaw. The Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, in Chancery. Enuna Mathews complaiuaut, VS. John Mathew, detendant. Waphtenaw County ss. Upon due proof by affldMvit that Ji'hn vliithewb delVndant in the above i nlitlud cause, is concealed withiu the State, aud thut process cannor. be served upon him. on nioiion of Cvamer & Cramer, BOllcltors I for the complaiuant, it is ordert d that the said defendant. John Mathews, do appear and answer the bill ol' complaint tlled in tlie said eourt withio tbree monlhs after the date of thifl order, eise the said bill ot cmipiaint shall be taken s coufessed, and further, that this order lie published, withiu twenty days f roui thisdate in the Ann Arbor Anrus.a newepaper pnbhshed in the said Coun y ot' Washtenaw, and bc published ihereiu once in each week for twelvtr weeks in euocesston. Sueh pnhlication, however. ehall not be neceBSary in a copy of this order be served on the defevdant personally at least twenty dnys before the time herein preficribed for his appearauce. Duted this Ist day of December. A. D. 1891. E. D. KINNE, Cbameh & Crameii, Circuit Judge. Sonciiors lor Complainant. -mi THE"ACS1K" ff IGRICULTURAL pijl H BOILJER. For Cooking Feed for Stock, Heating Water, ! 1 and Generating Steam mJ3m for Various Purposes. JM j {Hl J For Descriptivo Circular -K l3l IJ and P rice List, address the SHa C.'H'DICKINSON.Kala v.hiSv.- mazoo, Mich.


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