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IET A TICKET OF W. F. LODHOLZi 4 and 6 Broadway. i ad you aro cntitled ro a choiceof the hn 1 )8trncroror tlie Life of General Sherniun urchaso lo the aniount of $!5 has becn núíip THE HOME INSTRUCTOR LARGE OCTAVO, J7S PACES. Iu ,r I 'RATKD. A compendium of u.eful ku, I age necL'ssary for the practical iieesofov-mï" I ay life. A completo mul perfect kiüde to iif " 1 i public and private. rHEUFEAND DEEDS OF W T S HERMAN. CROWN OCTAVO. .SS PAGES IIA Vs 'RATED. Agraptiietiarrativeoi Ín-, h,,. i ni early life, erti, catión, oareer ni Floridn Rlitoinla. military neliiovornents, lile uR itizen, last slekuess and death; ivüh Une loríratt, -'i THE LIFE OF P. T. 8ARNUM. ! THE WOSLD RENOWNëD SHOWMAN. cnowTi o'r.ivii .:■; pagks tli ?IlATED. Hlpemly lite umi st.i-urles, bou enturesoDd brilüanl sucoepR: his woiiderfij1 areer. hls wit, genius and eluqueiieo, Iiih ld' .9 i Citizen, eic- to whioh i aüdcd Uis Jamoui ' look, The Art hf Money Oettlng. 7 SCSA'LSS . 15 Wilcox Ave., Detroit, Míen. ïJucates youne men and women to mamtai themselvei ík I ndependence, sve moncy nd accumulate wealth. Bustnct. ] ihorthand, Pcnmanship. Enzlish, Lïni:uc. Elocutiun ao4 ilechanical Driwinji Department. Illustr&ted Catalojuc fret ] W, F. JEWELL, Pret't. f. R. SPENCER, Scc'y. ILLUSTRATF.D MONTHLY. iLIIIjjiiiïu itMífiilliii' OF BOSTON. [t isunique, containing American Legenas, Tiaditions. Eistory, Story andPoetiv, Philosophy and Musio, Scionce and Art. A Few Artices for 18925T0R1ES0FS.U-EM W1TCHCRAFT, 'J lllustrateê I PHILLIPS BltOOKS. llluxtmtul. I JAMES PaRTON, Illuxtrattd. I HOWELLS'e BOSTOJï, UlustmUdË THE F17TUKE OP ELEOTBICITy, Utiish'ited STOB1ES A PKQMINRNT FEATl I yOl' wantthis carefuulJy edited oivi ' ïely ! í illnptrated literary rnagrazino of finton, whether you have any other or nol . Every ÏTiunber Pinely Illustrated. It treats of American Subjects, past and; present. Social (ïucstioits are discussed in its jolumns. Price, $3.00 a Toar. Send 10c. for a sample iopy. For sale on all newstands. AxLdr8s, UEW ESGLAND MA0 ASITÏE, 86 Federal Street, Boston, Mass, iiUUWÜ ïïAIlUi Keystone Woven Wire ceniei tu; mm u..ct cheapest ïenue on the unirkL'i. íí is naide ol' the UCbt galvinized iteel No lï wirtí, unit is very üurablo. It will iiotporiuit siiuw u drilt au.l 'oloukade gates mei lLine. It oatciies no wind and reluirob kss posis tfian woodon lonces. The itaysaroa coutumoiu wiro lor 4j rods. The Lop and boirtom wiros are doublé anü woveo Eogethor. A ÍOiV good iig?.ils wanted in Wayne and Wasmoumv oouuliuii. For inforinatioii and teruia upply tu ÜüIi'TENDEN & MOSGAI, P. O., MaCON, LKNaWl.10, (JO.. M1CH. PRIVATE DISEASES -DISEASES OF THE SKI Specially and Skillfully Treated rfo Patent Medicine Praad, ( ?" CIer Hf !. NoCompanrorlnstitutet'ake, ■( A tlJlln Han1 No Electrical Dumbug, ni1. „ "' Boneat Purpose. Over twenty years active Hospital and Sanitarlum experience. Thousands of happy, gratefal, 3ures, eitending into every State in the Union. (3? If you are interested, iovestigate. Tou v 11 surely be pleased and maybe surprised. Wri'e Euliy. Inquire freely. A valuable treatise or Diseases of a Private Nature, confldential and Cree. SEND FOR IT. Address or cali on DR. O. J. R. HAKNA, JACKSON, MICH. 25% We Have ov au Elegant Assoitment of SoLOM PaLMEr's Fïnest Perfumes. We can uii your Fancy n Cut and Decouued Bottks and save yuu 25% MAIN BROS., DRUGGISTS, 59 S. Main Strekt. - Aun Arbor, Mich. H. KlTtlJEDCS-K, S'o. B Wksï Ann Stpeet. HfiüUlIÍLMMílliKiE, In the rear of Gdward OutTy's grocory store HaoktoalM'"ins. dav np'i "tb1. Orrs for traine, partie, weddinea and funerala promptly attended to. Telephone, 108 Aon Arbor Mich.


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