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A Narrow Escape From Death

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Un Tuesday afternoon about two o'clock, Williatn Webber bad a narrow escape from death at the Central Mills. lie noticed a piece oí machinery tbat needed cleaning aud although it was in direct violation of the orders of Allmendinger & Schneider to clean any of the machinery while it was in motion, he proceeded to wipe it off. In some way his clothing became caught in the gearing and he was drawn into the machinery notwithstanding his efforts to the contrary. It was almost a miracle that he was not crushed to pieces, and how he escaped with so little iwjury is a wonder to all those in the mili. When lie was iinally taken out of his perilous position it was found tliat his only serious injury was on his breast where the flesh had been torn out by the gearing. His face was cut, but not badly. It is probable that had not the feelingthat somethitig was wrong coaie npon Mr. ilammond, the unfortunate Webber would have been crushed to death. Hammond feit a jar and instinctively feeling that all was not right signalled the engineer to stop the machinery, whicli that official did without a momeht's loss of time. The proprletors andmen then hastened to relieve Webber, and as Mr. Allmendinger said, "It seemed au hour before we could gethim out, although it was really but a few minutes." Webber was drawn in so that it was found necessary to remove the shafting in order to extricate him, and uliat made it more difficult was that his head was wedged in 80 that some of the bolts could not be reached. Finally by bending the shafting Webber was taken out and removed home, where he is now slowly recovering from his injuries.


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