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Importance Of The Hay Crop

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The importance oí the hay erop to th whole country at large and the individual farmer as well can scarcely be overestimated. Por hay of the best quality in all respecte, that made from timothy grass stands highest in the public estimation. Consequently this is the variety to cultívate when the highest price that can be obtained from critical buyers is the object aimed at. Other varieties often do better on certain sous, and clover makes excellent hay when snece8sfully cured. Besides, clover has a valne other than for hay, as a renovator of exhausted soils, that does not belong in an equal degree to timothy or other grasses that may be preferred for the rack and manger. In these days of improved farm implemento it goes without saying that a meadow should be smooth and f ree from sticks, stones and other obstacles of every kind that would interfere with the running and operation of a machine. The seed sown should be free from those of weeds or of other varieties, unless a misture of grasses is intended, as is sometimes the case. For most purposes the value of timothy hay is increased by deferring the cutting until the seed is ripe enough to grow. Ouring without exposure to rain is important with all varieties if the hay is to be of the best. To secure this condition beyond any peradventure every farmer should have a sufficient number of hay caps ready f oían emergency. Caps made from heavy unoiled muslin, if smoothly drawn down over well formed haycocks, will be sufficiently protecting, and such are cheap and easily handled.


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