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Weak, Nervous Men

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5Ï& TOU.who haye been liumhugiffd t.'tlte H"ctrlc Belts,""Fellotv m.; ft' 1. imunnm Te" " " ' 'ra OlD." ' Vhcuum," " Nervine," ' '■ p ■ 1 -H riílllilPnRiF ClU,'qiiai .Imve found yourself -■ 9B IIUMUiirtLilL lag worsu n.J ■■'oc. Vou. who have given uu , TfrMBi' Hr ; - despafr. tuJ-iriK. ' I t.m noomed; there is no .- ■ j F JBS Lo,ïI,l2L;ictOyïi.II.say: "1 a":' SAVK VOiKSEI.K! THKBK IS ï hKMJ íHhKfc IS A CUKE! Nomatitrwhat y(tu ï:av taken or who has . f jFiZtmS o cure7?u wrife me a full history of youi jSüSm and send for Book (fre.) CHnptCCCIIf! aDd ÓumUob Lint. í lS. A S2n„sui,t,ibi.(ld ?ctor All PrUat, NerTüi j. V. IHBOXIC DISKASESof eithersex skilliiilly aud successfully treatid : ■;! t 'Ml. a coruarBted d evcrv :- lltrritd mrior (Wir nli;n o !.Jj iBHHÍal marr, who dread tbeir weakness or iotapacity, or whose blood íb U 1 WÊ' Wltb lmPurl"e transmissible to ofïsprinfr, should B WF consult the celebrated Dr. Clarke at once. TI1CÍTIIICUT I P sultation persopally or by letwr, free and Ut A I ITltfï ( „ , . „ : rTTT. aential. Mfcdiciues sent everywhere, secure from l LitabUihed 1851. eiposure. A friendly letter mayaid you and direct jou tohealth. Address. OR. F. 0. CLARKE. Merrill Block, coT.wodK raan, Detroit, Mich,


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