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GHEATENG 2N HORSE B LAN KETS Nearly every pattern of A Horse Blankei is imitated in color and style. In most cases the imitation looks just as good as the genuine, but it hasrit tJu warp thrcads, and so Tacks strength.and while it sells for only a little less than the genuine itisn'tworth one-halfasmuch. The fact that %. Horse Blankets are copied is strong evidence that they are THE STANDARD, and every buyer should see that the 5ív trade mark is sewed en the inside of the Blanket. LHV I _ Five IV Ie for fflJjl Electrio HOISE Bli are THr-: st"; o :ct. 100 E.A STV at prices to suit evcryl f, ttaem from your dealer, v ' . ..■ the 5.1 I!()k. you can rn '. ■ WM. AYRES & SO7V?. ■ Ladies:- The Secret Of a ; Fair Face ; 1 ! Is a ( Beautiful Skin. Sulphur Bitters Will give you A lovely Complexion. 8end 3 2-cent stampa to A. P. Ordway & Co., Botluu, Mass., furbeBt medical workpublietieil JCAJÏÏER'SI CURE Kek Headache and relieve all the tronbles incident to a bilious state of the system, suoh as Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsïness, Distrees after eating. Pain in the Side, &c. While theirmosö jeumriablö Buccees haa been Bhown in curicg S1CK ÍBeaflache, yet Carter's Llttle tiver PUlfl aio cqually valuable in Conetipation, curing and praTtnting thisannoyinKComplaint,whilo they als j corrckalldiBordGrBOftheBtomach,8timulatetha íiTor and regúlate the bowels. Evon ii they oniy HËAD ' Aebs they wonld be almoitpriceless to thoae wlia Buier from this diBtresaing complaint; but (orn;luitely their goodnees does notond hcre,and th o .c rboonce try them will flnd these litUe pills ! -.- . ftble in eo many ways that they will not bo t:! ijing todo without them. But af tor alleick toad ACHE fis the bane of bo many Uves that tere ís wliere tremakeourgreat boost. Ourpillscurc :'.„:■..; ethers do not. Carter's liittle Liver Pilis are very small :, very easy to take. One or two pills makeu Ji:6ü. They are striotly vegetable and do not gripe cr rerge, butby Uieir gentle action pleaseall who use hom. Invialaat 25 cents ; five for $1. Scld ty druggista ever j whero, oi Bont by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL POSE. SMALL PRICg 3STEV FIRM Havinif hought the wond yard and feed business of GeorfreH. Hazelwood, i propose to keep WOOD OF ALL KINDS Kindling Wood, Balea Hay and Straw, Flour and Feed of the best quallty, Charcoal, etc. Goods delivered to any part of the city. CASH PAID FOR CORN and OATS The flrm wlil continue the truck business of C. H. JoneB as before. Orders by telephone promptly attended to. Hm C. Clark, 33 East Huron St. Telephone li. One door west oí Firemen's Hal). MARTIN & FISCHER. ■ PROPRIETOBS OF THE WESTEKN BBEWEKY, ANN ARBOB, MICHBrewers of Pure Laser Beer. i


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