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LOOK M Ti, for the I il Owl and brand. GILLETT'S MAG IC YEAST H will make BETTER BREAD than you have ever made before. POOR BREAD generally meansPOOR YEAST POOR YEAST always meansPOOR BREAD Look for the Owl and Moon. At your Oroeer's. NEVER A FAÏLURE. The Ked River Valley of Minnesota and North l)akota has never had a failure of crops. It produced 30,000,000 bushels of wheat besides other cereals in 1890. Farms can be liad on the erop plan, or long time cash payments. [t is not au uucommon-thing to pay for a farm from the proceeds of one erop. [t has all of the advantages of an old country in the shape of school, churcli, market, postal &railway facilities and all the chances of a new country in the way of eheap lands, rich soil, and increase in values. [t is one of the most fertile and promising regions in America not y et fully occupied. [n the rush to the far west, however, this rich valley has been over-looked. It bas room for a million more people. Write to F. I. WHITNEY, St. Paul, Minn for particulars. Publications sent free. Health is Wealth! N ERvr " ÍTraI M Dr. E.C. West's Neuve and Braín Threat ment, a guaranteed epeciflc lor Hysteria, Diz iness. Convulsions, Fits, Nervous Neuralgia Headache, Nervous Prostration oaused by the use of alcohol or tobáceo, Wakefulnese, Menta Depreesion, Softening of the Brain resulting in insanity and leading to misery, decay anc death, Premature Old Age, Barrenne6S, Loss of Power in either sex, Involuntary Losses and Spermatorrhoea caused by over-exertion of the brain, self-abuse or over-indulgenee Each box containe one months treatmeni 51.00 a box, or six boxes for $5.00, sent by mai prepaid on receipt of price. WEGVARáNlEESIX BOXES To cure any case. With each order rcceived by us for six boxes, accompanied with $5.00, we will send the purchaser our written guárante? to refund the money if the treatment does nol iffect a cure. Guarantees is6ued only by Eberbaeh & Son, Druggists, Sole Agent6, Ann Arbor, Mich. $500 Re war d ! WE will pay the above reward for any case of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache Indigestión, Constipation or Costiveness we cannot cure with West'6 Vegetable Liver Pilis, when the directions are strictly complied with. They are purely Vegetable, and never fail to give satisfaction. Sugar Coated. Large boxes, 30 Pilis, 25 cents. Beware of counerfeits aud imitations. The jrenuine manuactured only by THE JOHN C. WEST COMPANY, CHICAGO, ]LL. For sale by all druggiste. EEPOKT OF THE C0KDITI0N OF THE hes' & wam m ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, At the close of business, September 25, 1801. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $249,767 93 Fionds aii'! Mortgagcs 87,746 07 Overdraft ,iiij 98 Furniture :ind llxtures 8,000 00 Expenses and interest paid 2,597 02 Due fi'oni Waf-htenaw Co _ 27,riTs s rtülsin transit 4,68960 Dne from bank o reserve-citks 26,782 64 ?ash and cash itt;ms _ 18,753 17 Total $423,587 14 LIABILITIES. apiial ptock paid in $ 30,000 00 íurplus fuml 10,000 60 Jndivided proflts 12,05!) 58 3epO8its 351,527 50 Total $123,687 U TATE OF MICHIGAN', I Connty of VaBhtenaw. lss' I, Frederick H. Belser, Cashier of the above lamtil bank. do soleinnly swear that tbe above tatement is true to tne bent of my knowledge ,nd belief. F. 11. Belseh, Cashier, SubscribeU and sworn to before me this lst dav f October, 1691. William W. Whedon. Notarv Public. ÏORRECT- Attest . Ambrose Keakmey,") Juniüs E. Beal, Directors. Chas. E. Grebne, J


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