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The Ann Arbor brick company will make brick at Emery and wil! not, it is thought, demand a tariff against the pauper Hebrew brick of Egypt. Already 50,000 sheep -have died from a new disease down in Wayne county, Mississippi. It is thought to be from remorse over the depressing effects of the McKinley bilí, which has so cheapened their wearing apparel as to make like a burden. We learn from the Ann Arbor Argus that Arthur Childs has had an eye enucleated. Well, this was pretty tough; but as the campaign progresses and arguments warm up, we have no doubt that the number of e-knuckleated eyes will be greatly increased. The Tecumseh Herald wants passed an ordinance preventing people from scattering hand bilis on the streets, where they frighten horses. It's true that necks, carriages and one of the ten commandments are frequently broken by this slovenly way of advertising. The best way is to advertise in the newspapers. The friends of Junius E. Beal, of Ann Arbor, want to snatch him from the bosom of his family and make him into a lieutenant governor. Politics aside we would like to see our editorial brother mount up to glory, but we wam him now, that he will find the free trade toad "laying for him" on the steps of the capitol. Referring to the refusal of the regents to grant certain requests of Ann Arbor in reference to the hospital, the Saline Observer sees no reason why Ann "should be continuaily hung on the hook of favoritism." If to hang on a hook is "favoritism," then avaunt, favoritism! Ann Arbor was asking to be unhooked. Timothy E. Howard, of Indiana, democratie nominee for judge of the rioosier supreme court, crept upon the earth at Northfield, Washtenaw county 55 years ago. Hegraduated at the Michigan University, was an nfantry soldier in the war and in indiana has served out two sentences as state senator. Tim will knock down the fruit. # Bill O'Neil had the "monumental gall" to borrow $2 of Justice Butts, of Ann Arbor, and give a stolen ring as security. The judge wishing to 'ause an impression, gave himself some airs with the ring on his finger and was promptly "jumped" by the owner of the jewel who saw it. A warrant was issued but O'Neil stayed for no ifs, or Butts, but skipped. Chelsea farmers are thinking of placing small-pox signs on their premises. Book and insuranceagents worked at them all winter; then came that gay deceiver the fruit tree agent; next the agricultural implement aggravation feil due; and every day now, the road is full of skirmishers for produce. With all these the Chelsea farmer is getting behind with his spring's work. The Manchester city council has ordered the village attorneys to notify the railroad company to observe the law relative to the running of trains and obstruction of crossings, and there will be trouble-for the company if they do not obey. - Herald. Railroad company to its train men: - "Gentlemen, you must obey the corporation laws of Manchester in running through the village, but if you lose any time by it, you will be discharged." The botany class of the Saline public schools recently adjourned at three o'clock and took a five mile tramp after floral specimens, returning in triumph with a sample of the far-famed leontodón or taraxacum, not infrequently regarded as the taraxacum dens-Ieonis, or in the language of the vulgar, unscientific herd, a dandelion. Gentle reader, are you not thankful that we have englightened you concerning the taraxacum dens-leonis ? And in this connection a little advice is offered: In gathering "cow-slops" always wear rubber boots, to prevent getting your feet wet. Levi Thompson, commander of Williamson's egg wagon of Tecumseh, while in Franklin last week, left his team and 120 dozen eggs standing unhitched, the eggs being protected by nothing except the tariff. As usual protectionfailed to protect, and when a few moments later the team and wagon went flying down the road, the eggs grew excited and "scrambled" out. The team brought up against a tree. One wheel went to pieces and the "tongue" was so paralyzed that it never "spoke" to any of its "felloes" afterward, and the wagon looked "tired." So did Thompson as he beheld the wreek. So did 60 dozen of the eggs - they looked completely played out, anc will never smile again, nor wil Thompson for some time to come "Leaves have their time to fall," so have eggs.


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