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W. L. Douglas $3 Shoe

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It is made of the best leather produced, in this country. It is a calf Shoe, made seamless, best dongola tops. It is as smooth inside as a hand-sewed Shoe. It is equal to other makes costing from $4. to $5. It is stylish, durable and comfortable to the feet. The Best Shoe in the World for the Price. FOR CEIM 1 LEIVI EN. a %w FOR LA Dl ES. &T 00 GENUINE HANDfë' s, SW tf& O (1(1 HAND-SEWED SHOE, )Oa SliyiOI. Itequalsim%& W .''"'.' m ik. s ma('e ' he "es ported Prencli shoes Jjk í v k UJlJl Doñeóla; stylish, durable costing from $8 to $12, and á2 K ,'. Il F#i an)j easy fitting:. Equals cannot be duplicated at this j & -L imported French shoes costing from &A OO HAND-SEWED M mk Ik iftO Ril BEST DONGOLA, perS4i WELT. The finest calf, m iect In eTei7 waJ stylisb, comfortable and W tt MJB# ■ Success has attended oui' durable, and the best dress shoe W "== sSB jitafes f rl efforts to produce a flrstiu the country lor the price; fSWl B " class shoe at this popular prico. same grade as custom made fÊÊÈL íííséwME SP shoes costing from $ to $i). Ik3ïfe "PPP B i U O DD L()W IN PRICE but 6-' ' 'ijlj. : L ƒ U"1 not in quality. No Aj 50 PÓLICE SHOE, lnr ü Öi' -= idAal s'l0e ftt this prioe has giren JbJb farmers, railroad men, x . better satisf action Are. Best calf, seamless, iÊSÉÈÉi á -ir tm wmoijt ,mh;„Q,a mmtotli insirió thrpp lipavvsolps ÜémS?''' ''9 1 ï Tl 4 n 'U" MlMM, COmDines with extensión edge. One pair JÊÊ, WÈ&. Tk st1(' Tlth tlle hylenlc will do for a year. f BÉÜWWafec, s' IJ I ■ principies so necessarj in K'' '' jéffiSaÊÊk Kk ' t'le 'twear ' niisses and fcO 5OFINE CALP. No UJU jonng ladies. 3)m better or more service ï POR ROYQ able Shoe was ever of'my rJw uwio. fered at this price. One trial fete', A A fifi onri C1 7R SCHOOL will con vince. Jtï %■ .y. , .-.m MT J "" """ vli'J SHOES JÉ Wv M. ihJm are made of the best matetJ 25 and $2.00 WORKaaÊÊË Tfcl rlal throughout; will not SZ.IlíGMAlí'S Shoes. P ■ ' - & rip, and will stand more hard usage Equal those of other nÊÊ ÊL '"T tlian any other shoes sold at these makes costing from $2.5O to mÊÊÊÊÊ &k Pfe prices. $3.OO, and are the best in the M MEMir . ÉÉw SPECIAL. world for the price. H Hfe?% Éfe w.i...o..i. alpshoe POR IV 1. 1 IS a.dS1.75 CAtF 8HOE SPECIAL HS mÊÈÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÈÊÊË, WËI' SPECIAL. iiSt WIIIIÊW ':WÊÊÊÊê ÊÊmm The, are made Sea.nle, f selecUd W. L. DOUCLAS' $1.75 BRO ÍlÍÍliÍt calf, „itl, ka„aroo caU topS, and speCAN. The best Brog:ln for the prlcf ever i; ?ÉK WÊÊÊÊÊÊmÊÊËÊÊmË?' claUy 8ltable for out.loor wear and placed on the market. Solid leather Ihrouïh"ix iV9 CIIDOTITIITec - school shoe. Keep the feet dry, without, rerystronglf made, and will not rlp. KLT TAKE VJ bUöoTITUTCO. ES out the use of rubbers. A I ■■ ■ fí Wk These Shoes are made and guaranteed by the to be price-worthy goods, and all have %.ff JOjL ft. H gS m the price and name of W. L. DOUGLAS stamped on bottom. Be sure you are not deceived by " inferior articles, and caréfully examine bottom of each shoe for stamp before purchasing. W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass. for sale by Wm. Reinhardt & Co., annarbor,


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