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The following letter received at this ffice last Saturday needs no explanaon. It simply reminds our readers of ome of the perils to which all papers v liftbk1 .vho BanaMMrt u.or. matter f public interest and who use the encil of the artist to more effectively ïonvey information. Mr. Cramer iems to be of the opinión thathis legs ïould have been made longer in our artoon last week, so that the persinimons would be within easier reach, a id ;o teil the truth, we are inclineü to gree with hini. The letter is as folows: Ann AbbOr, Mich., June ?d, '92. )ear Sik: I understand the law to be that where a paper makes a caricature of ny person it must be true to life, or s near so as possible. Now, I think ou got my legs too short and have hereby disfigured me before the pubic. If you see fit to eall and settle nd make due apologies in your noxt ssue it will be all right. If not, I shall efer the case to my attorney for urther dealings with you. Kespectfully,


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